Review of Goya Episode 4

| December 9, 2014

“Goya” Story of Episode 4

Junior Hashmi (Umer), finally proposed Mohini but Mohini never accept this proposal. Umer said to her “take your time & then give your answer”. Yes this is one of the major incidents that occur in this episode. Zara very clearly told to Umer that she is an addict of Drugs & that’s why she can never marry with him. Furthermore, she told to Umer that I want to go rehab. She said to Umer that it’s up to “how you will say no to your parents for this marriage” because according to Zara “Larko aur larkiyon my yehi tu frq hota hy k larky halath ko apny favour my mould kr skty hen or Larkiyan ye nahi kr sakti”.

This all talk pushes the Umer to talk with her step mother & say “no” for this marriage but Mrs. Hashmi reveals in her discussion that “your father is very materialistic & he only see numbers not emotions”. Furthermore, she reveals that our financial situation is going very worse now days. But Umer is stick on his decision.

Now, Mrs. Hashmi talks with Mrs. Imtiyaz & asks from her “whether you know about Umer’s decision or not?” but she says no I don’t know. At the same time a security incharge came there & want to talk from Senior Hashmi about Umer. He said to Mrs. Hashmi that “Umer is now out of control & he go anywhere without informing them so now they cannot take this responsibility anymore” when Mrs.

Hashmi asked from them “where he usually go” then this officer replied “at Mohini’s home”. Finally, Mrs. Hashmi decided to go at Mohini’s home so that she can talk with her “how critical situation can occur if Umer will never agree for this marriage”. Moreover, Mrs. Hashmi said to Mohini “don’t tell to Umer about my visit of your home”.

Umer discuss with Ali “What he actually feels about Mohini & he is ready to do everything only for Mohini even he can take a stand before undertaker for her”. Ali try his best in order to tell him that you are running very fast “Tu halka ho ja tu koi itna hasen nahi hy k usy love at 1st sight ho jaye”. But Umer never understands his best friend’s advises & go at Mohini’s home & proposed her “”Me tum sy shadi krna chahta hn”.

Umer offers to Mohini “let’s go for a picnic at beach” at start Mohini refuse this offer but when Umer said that “we will never go alone but our friends will also go with us” then she said “ok I will think about it”. Umer offers her to invite your friend Nommi also. In this way we can understand to each other’s friends. It was a good party on the beach. I like the Ali’s pakao girlfriend & her pakao talks.

Zara was also there with one of her boyfriend. Zara’s arrival was a surprise for Umer & Ali because they never invite her boy friend & to her. Zara told to Mohini “why she is not marrying with Umer”. Mohini talk with Umer & told him about the meeting of his step-mother at home. Umer becomes angry on it but Mohini once again try to say that “we cannot marry with each other due to the social status”.

She further said that I cannot live in a house where everyone hates me but Umer assures her that “I can leave my father, my home & wealth only for you”. He, finally, convinced to Mohini & Mohini take tom from him so that she can talk with her mother. Let see what will be the reaction of Asma on this news? Whether Senior Hashmi will allow Umer to marry with Mohini or not? What will be next the plan of Senior Hashmi? Keep supporting!

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