Review of Goya Episode 6, ARY Digital Drama, Challenges faced by Cross Class Relationship, Cast Farah Shah, Osman Khalid Butt, Sana Javed, Usman Peerzada,

| December 23, 2014

Story of ARY Digital Drama Goya Episode 6

Drama serial Goya is all about those challenges which are usually faced by those people who love with each other & but belongs from various classes (one from elite class & other from middle class). It is a story of love & sacrifice. It also includes various aspects of class division. Umer Hashmi & Mohini are the leading characters of this drama including Asma (mother of Mohini) & Senior Hashmi (father of Umer).

In 6th episode, Mrs. Imtiyaz told to Senior Hashmi that Umer never take anything from this home except his “Zid”. Senior Hashmi Replies “Toot jaye ga”. Senior Hashmi called Ali (friend of Umer) & his father into the office & order them to “get out Umer from their Clifton flat”. In this way Senior Hashmi is trying to increase the difficulties of Umer. But Ali is a true friend of Umer that’s why he takes Umer at a place where Senior Hashmi can never reach.

He takes Umer at Adnan’s home. Do you Remember the beach party where Hira come with his boyfriend? Yes Adnan is the name of her boyfriend. But Adnan & his all friends are addicts so it becomes very difficult for Umer to stay there & Mohini is also worried because Umer is not living with good guys. When Adnan force to Umer for smoking then Umer resists because he has a interview early in the morning but later on insisting he smoke a cigarette & that’s why he miss his interview. Now Umer try to leave Adnan’s home but Adnan stops him by arranging an interview with his close office fellow.

On the other hand Asma (the mother of Mohini) resign from the Senior Hashmi office. Between her career & daughter, she prefers her daughter. She very clearly told Senior Hashmi “she is not such a sort of person who will be overpowered by her boss”. Senior Hashmi always believes on controlling people by using money but in this case this is not possible.

Umer got a job & leaves the home of Adnan. He got an apartment on rent. Mohini & her mother are showing very supportive behavior towards Umer. Mohini, her mother & Umer finalize the date of wedding. They invite only their close friends including Mrs. Imtiyaz, Ali (friend of Umer), Noomi (friend of Mohini) while Ali’s girlfriend (pakaoo girl), Hira & Adnan are surprising guests because Umer never invited them. The “Dholki function” preparations are made vey simply.

Umer’s step mother Mrs. Hashmi asks from a female servant about Mrs. Imtiyaz then she told that “me jhot bol nahi sakti or sach bata nahi skti” from this statement Mrs. Hashmi guess that “may be Mrs. Imtiyaz towards Umer & May be his marriage will be fix?”.

The drama ends on wedding functions & barat preparations. Let’s see whether this wedding will be held or stopped by the Senior Hashmi? Wait for the next review!

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