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| December 30, 2014

Goya Story of Episode 7

Umer’s governance “Mrs. Imtiyaz”, she was like a grandmother for him, died due to the rude & bitter behavior which is shown by the Senior Hashmi. She was really a very gentle woman. She is sincere & honest with Senior Hashmi & she truly loves Umer. Before one day of Umer’s marriage, Mrs. Imtiyaz gives some jewelry to the Mohini. It’s like “ye umer ki maa ki jewelry hy jo unho ny imanat ky tor pr mery pas rakhwae thi ta ky me umer ki dulhan to dy do”.

On the other hand, Senior Hashmi asked from his wife “Where is Mrs. Imtiyaz” but his wife said “I don’t know” but in actual she knows “where Mrs. Imtiyaz was” but she hide this fact from Senior Hashmi. When Mrs. Imtiyaz came back home then Senior Hashmi asked from her “where is the jewelry of Umer’s mother”. He blamed on Mrs. Imtiyaz & she cannot bear these blames & finally died due to the heart attack.

Senior Hashmi stops her second wife not to tell Umer about the death of Mrs. Imtiyaz but she told to Umer. No doubt that this is very shocking news for Umer & he is considering Senior Hashmi as the murderer of Mrs. Imtiyaz. Before marrying with Mohini Umer express her feeling before his best friend Ali by saying that “I am feeling very sorrow on Mrs. Imtiyaz’s death & I am feeling very guilty on my Nikkha ceremony that is going to be held soon after Mrs. Imtiyaz death”. Ali said to him “be brave” & Umer finally got married with Mohini.

Adnan the friend of Ali is trying to flirting with Asma (the mother of Mohini). Ali tries to forbid Adnan from this cheap “harkat”. Adnan’s character is showing a person who is very emotional & sentimental. Now, Adnan wants “Umer & Mohini will stay at his home after marriage” & he expresses his intentions before Ali. Ali said to him it is not possible due to your cheap, smoking, drinking & intoxication habits. He said to Ali I will try my best in o0rer to change my bad habits. When Ali said it is not possible for Umer & Mohini to stay with you then Adnan suddenly becomes aggressive & said to Ali “leave my home right now”.

On the other Hand, Senior Hashmi is quite sure that “Umer is passing through a phase & he will soon come back at home because he is my biggest investment”. Now let see what happened with the married life of Ume & Mohini? Whether Umer is just passing through a phase or he truly loves to Mohini? What game Senior Hashmi is playing with Umer? So, this was a review of 7th episode of “Goya” from my side. What’s from your side? You can share your thoughts about this drama with us. Keep supporting!

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