Review of Goya Episode 8

| January 7, 2015

Appraisal of Goya Episode 8

Well, the drama is moving on very progressively. In this episode the best part is the confrontation of Adnan & Senior Hashmi. When Senior Hashmi once again tries to interfere in Umer’s life then Adnan stands with Umer. He talks his office manger “why you “fire” Umer from this job”. Then the Manager told him that I did this on the order of Senior Hashmi. On this, Adnan becomes aggressive by saying that “whether I am the owner of this office or senior Hashmi”.

Now, Adnan fire the manager from this job on this mistake. Adnan go to Senior Hashmi office & talks very boldly with him & he said to Umer father’s that “you never need to interfere into the life of Umer”. Adnan is never afraid from Senior Hashmi. I like his confidence & self-reliance. We also come to know a little about Adnan’s life that is he is the son of a former governor. He is running a successful business. His father actually lives in London. He has not a very good relationship with his father & other family members.

All this is revealed by Ali when he is talking with Umer. Now Ali is going Dubai for some days. Adnan likes lots of people around him that’s why he forces Zara not to go rehab. I think Adnan & Zara both like to each other because when Zara said that she is going to Rehab then Adnan shows very possessive behavior towards her. I like the acting of Goher Mumtaz in this episode. He changes his temperament very brilliantly.

What about Mohini & Umer married life? Yes both are living a happy life although they are facing some financial crises yet they will settle soon if Senior Hashmi “ny in dono ki difficulties me ezaafa na kiya tu”. Mohini is very much caring for Umer. She prepares breakfast from him, she cooks food for him, she washes his clothes, she provides him the facility of pick & drop even she provides him money whenever he needed. I think Mohini is performing all those tasks that were performed by Mrs.

Imtiyaz in the past. Asma (mother of Mohini) finds out a job in a school. So, now she will educate the students. Noomi is trying to talk with Mohini that “she should go abroad with Umer because they can never trust on Umer’s father, he can do anything with them” but Mohini is not taking all this seriously. Let see what will happen?

Senior Hashmi & Saleem Saab (father of Zara) are still planning bout the lives of their kids. They both are still ready & willing to continue their deal (according to this deal both Umer & Zara will have to marry with each other). Umer’s father Senior Hashmi takes on year time period from Zara’s father. Let’s see now what will be the card of trumpet & when will it come towards the side of Senior Hashmi in order to destroy the married life of his son “Umer”.

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