Review of Hum TV Drama Digest Writer Episode 5

| November 6, 2014

Digest Writer Review of Episode 5

Digest writer episode 5

“Digest Writer” is a famous drama serial which is aired on Hum TV on every Sunday’s night at 08:00 pm. All characters of this serial are really very amazing & doing their jobs very well. Flawless direction is the main factor which is working behind the success of this serial. I enjoyed all the previous as well as 5th episode of this serial. Once again in this episode we have lots of scenes & with lots of twists. This drama serial is really a very good source of entertainment for drama lovers.

We saw how Anwar the father of Fareeda came to know that his daughter has the capabilities of writing. Anwar shows his acceptance behavior towards Fareeda writing skills & appreciate her. Fareeda’s parents, her sisters & brother all are playing the role f a supportive family. Initially, we saw that Anwar permitt Fareeda to write stories because of the Payment which she received after writing stories. But in this episode I saw that his father is actually trying to understand her passion for writing stories & her positive intentions.

Fareeda’s sisters, mother, father & brother, in short all family members are enjoying the successes of Fareeda. This family is closely knit with each other. After facing lots of troubles & financial problem now the family of Fareeda deserve some happiness & prosperity.  Fareeda’s character is also showing a girl who is very much concerned about her family along with her dreams.

What about Shaukat? He is still trying his best in order to impress Fareeda but is tackling with Shaukat vey nicely. She is just avoiding him very beautifully. Gohar’s flawless acting impressed me lot. He always tries his best so that he can make Fareeda Happy. But Fareeda is never interested in him.

A strange& full off suspense thing which happens in this episode is the ambiguous introducing of Seheryar Ahmed. He sends a pen to Fareeda. This pen is exactly like the pen which is mentioned in a novel by Fareeda. May be he is a great fan of her.

Rida Anmol, who is the famous actress & producer, finds Fareeda & offered her to write a drama story for TV. She actually wants to articulate on Fareeda that her writing was nothing. She also puts lots of effort in this serial. Rida actually never want to give any praise or credit to Fareeda. Sikandaar also thinks that Rida finds Fareeda so Rida has the right to use this writer.

But Sikandaar also said that we should give a right amount to Fareeda that she actually deserves. We feel that Rida never wants to show the name of Fareeda as writer. Rida Anmol also wants that no one can precede her. Let see whether Fareeda’s dream of becoming a great writer fulfills or not? What happened with her? Let’s wait for the next episode!
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