Review of Hum TV Drama Serial “Firaaq” from 1 to 6 Episodes

| October 24, 2014

Episode 1 to 6 Story of Drama Serial “Firaaq”

“Firaaq” is Pakistani dramas serial which is aired on Hum TV at 08:00 pm on Saturday night. Its story is written by Mustafa Afridi & serial is directed by the Abis Raza. It is produced by the Momina Duraid. The story revolves around a broken family that lives in Panama City, Florida & around Paiman (Sanam Saeed) who struggle for living a life according to her own wills.  The main starring are Uzma Gellani as Maa Jee, S. Mazhar Ali as Haider, Mohib Mirza as Amroze, Sanam Saeed as Paiman, Junaid Khan as Shams, Noor Hassan Rizvi as Roomi, Hira Saleem, Cybil Chaudhry as Sara, Dr. Ismail Zahij & some others. Its plot is all about broken, confused, disturbing, and painful relationships.

In the 1st episode we saw that Maa Jee (Uzma Gellani) shows an unhappy & irritating personality. We saw in first episode that she continuously scold her daughter Paiman (Sanam Saeed) angrily. She also talks very bitterly with her husband Haider (S. Mazhar Ali). She insults her husband but Haider always shows patience & acts like a submissive husband. In the same episode we saw that Shams (Junaid Khan) her son married with a Sara (Cybil Chaudhry) & lives in another apartment (he never lives with his mother Maa Jee). He (Shams) leaves the home after the death of his father when his mother marries with Haider.  On the other hand Maa Jee is showing an unforgiving behavior towards her son Shams.  We saw two families in the first episode first one is consists on Maa-jee, Haider, and Paiman while other is on Shams and Sara. Maa jee has illogical disgust for everything, Haider is a submissive husband, Paiman is a humble & timid girl as in one scene when her mother Maa Jee shown her anger on Paiman’s myela dupatta then get up from the dining chair, go into the laundry & bring a basket in which actual myela dupatta was kept so that her mother can inspect it. Paiman has some close interaction with Uncle Haider because he is a polite & gentle man than her mother. On the other hand second family of Sara & Shams, even after three years of marriage, are living imperfect married life because Shams never wants a child while Sara wants. Sara is mentally disturbs because of this situation. Roomi (Noor Hassan) is the best friend of Sara & Shams. He suggests Sara to visit a psychologist Amroze (Mohib Mirza), who is one of his friends, for her mental stability.

In 2nd episodes we saw that Sara is continuously attending the various sections of consoling with Amroze. On the other hand we saw that the bitter behavior of Majee with Paiman & Haider is still continue. W e saw that the friend of Sara “Roomi” meets her into a park where he advised her to go on Shams mother’s home & talk to her because shams have lot of anger against his mother so there is a great need to resolve it. Sara go on shams mother’s home with his permission. On the other hand Paiman the sister of shams meets her Bhabhi Sara very pleasantly but Shams’s mother Maa Jee talk with her very bitterly & call Shams. She told her son Shams that his wife Sara is here at her home. We noticed the full of anger expressions of shams. We saw that Roomi is making a sketch of Amroze & both are discussing about their “tanhaiee” & “Women”.

From 3rd to 6th episode we saw that Shams comes at Maa jee’s home & said to his sister Paiman to leaves this home & come with me at my home. So, finally Paiman leaves the home & go with her brother. It shows that now she is free from this cage. We further saw that, at shams home, she feels shy & talks in “ji or ji nahi” with Amroze. The calls of Haider tell us about his polite & father-like sentiments & caring behavior towards Paiman. He genuinely wants best for her. On the other hand the friendship of Roomi with Amroze is really very exemplary. Both understand each other. Now the question is whether this friendship long last or not?

Paiman’s brother, her uncle Haider as well as her Bhabhi Sara all wants her to settle.  Paiman now learns sketch making from Roomi because Roomi is a god painter. Amroze starts to like Paiman. On the other hand Sara plays a game he said to Roomi that Shams want to see you with his sister Paiman as her husband. But Roomi is confused. He cannot take a decision about it. Soon he came to know that Amroze likes the Paiman. But Sara told Roomi that Paiman likes him but this confusion resolve soon when Paiman calls Roomi & told him that he likes Amroze then why he send a proposal for her. Now Roomi understand that it all is done only because of Sara. He calls Sara & meet her & ask her why she done it. She told her fears about her sessions of consoling with Amroze. She told Roomi if Amroze into their family (by marrying with Paiman) then he will tell all about it to her husband Shams. Amroze purpose Paiman & she accepts his proposal.

We saw that Paiman’s mother doesn’t like Amroze because she said “Pagloon ka dakter dhonda hy tum nay. Good. Shams ka bi elaaj kerwa dynna is say.” In these episodes we further know about the clashes of Shams with his mother Maa Jee. Both talk bitterly with each other.  Relationships are going to be complicated as the serial is proceeding. Let’s see what happened in the 7th episode.

1 drama serial Firaaq Episode 1 to 6 review (2)

drama serial Firaaq Episode 1 to 6 review

drama serial Firaaq Episode 1 to 6 review (1)

drama serial Firaaq Episode 1 to 6 review (3)

drama serial Firaaq Episode 1 to 6 review (4)

drama serial Firaaq Episode 1 to 6 review (5)

drama serial Firaaq Episode 1 to 6 review (6)

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