Review of Hum TV Drama Zidd-Episode 18

| April 28, 2015

Zidd Episode 18 Review

No more developments into this episode except that Saman is still in a trauma of sudden death of Qasim & Rukhi. If we cast a look at the relationship of Saman & Rukhi then it is right for Saman to feel sorrow for losing such a nice & sincere friend but when it comes to Qasim Uncle & Saman’s relationship then I think they both never share a string or happy relationship that makes Saman so mournful. Then, I think there is no need for flashback scenes of Saman & Qasim Uncle into this episode. These scenes are like wasting of time.

Saman is a girl who broke all relationship from her own family (that live Pakistan) only because her family hides some details about Umer from her. She has left all the loving & caring relations such as mother, father & brother behind then how she can become so much upset on the death of Qasim who is just an uncle for her?

Another amazing thing that happens into this episode is that Saman is showing a very courteous & polite behavior toward Zainab.  Saman thinks that now she never wants to lose another friend of her. In this episode we saw Saman in totally an absent mind condition.  She is showing very silly behavior by ignoring the people who loves a lot (her family & her husband Umer) & by depending on those who are since with her (such as Zainab).

At times, we saw that Saman becomes uncomfortable when she saw Zainab then why she is tolerating Zainab at her home. Yes, we know that Saman has great found of helping people. She can help Zainab by providing a specific amount of money every month or every week.

Furthermore, we saw in this episode that Saman is thinking that she is dealing much better with her life than Zainab. Who will tell her that is thinking totally wrong because she is just ruining the important years of her life. She is losing everything & every relation one by one.

What about Umer? He is person who always spotted into a polite & calm nature. I think it’s enough now Umer. Now, you should take a decision about your & Saman married life. How you can tolerate two mad ladies at your home? You are well educated & sensible person then you should take a sensible decision.

Saman speak very less, she never give words to her thoughts that’s why it is becoming very tough for the viewers to guess what’s going on into her mind? Let see what happened into the next episode. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

Zidd episode 18

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