Review of Jackson Height Episode 12

| December 8, 2014

Jackson Heights Episode 12

This episode pushes the drama ahead but at a slow rate. Let me first tell you about Michelle & Jamshed. I think Jamshed is trying to flirt with Michelle because he very openly discusses his feeling with Michelle. In this episode a great change comes into Michelle’s personality, it is only because of the jolly & lovely nature of Jamshed. She starts to wear brighter color clothes, make-up & jewelry.

She is spending more time with Jamshed. When in his Discussion with Michele, Jamshed reveals that in sweet items he only like “Jalybi”. Michelle takes it seriously & gives a surprise to Jamshed by taking him with herself & by purchasing “A box of Jalybi from a best shop for him”. They both spend time with each other in a park & Jamshed is shamelessly flirting with her.

Michelle blush on Jamshed’s talks but never expose herself on him. Why Michele spends more time with him? Whether she starts to like Jamshed or not? What she has been feeling for Jamshed? Why Jamshed is flirting with her? I think Jamshed wants to marry with Michelle so that she can get a reason of staying permanently in America.  It’s is a guess from my side may be it is wrong or right?

I don’t know why Salma trust on her husband a lot. She provides a big amount to Sikaandar very easily & Sikaandar lost this all money in gambling. I always think that she is strong & independent then why she is bearing all this? In her married life she is facing lots of troubles & hardness from previous many years without any words of complains. I think she should ask from her husband why he needs money. She should also obvious from his activities. I don’t know what happened with Salma’s life?

The way the Aliya joke about Bhatti & Salma is really musing. She is joking about “how nice you both of look as a couple”. Aliya allows Salma to go with Bhatti & I will handle customers. Salma compensate Bhatti Birthday’s that she misses due to some reasons by spending some time with him in a park. Both cut the cake. Suddenly, the word of “date” slips from the mouth of Salma. But Bhatti explains very clearly that he feels happiness when he spends time with her. The same feeling is from Salma’s side. He said that these meetings are like “heart pumping”.

He shares his household problems with Salma. He told her how his step-daughter is meeting with a boyfriend. Hopefully, in the upcoming episodes, we will see something good about the relationship of Bhatti & Salma. If Sikaandar come to know about these meetings then what will be his reaction? Sikaandar is actually a bad man with lots of aggression & anger. He never hesitates from violence. Now days, Sikaandar is talking very sweetly with Salma & Imaan.

He brings chocolates for Imaan. I am thinking, that he once again trying to grab money from Salma so that he can fulfill the los that he makes in the gambling. Let wait & see what happened? Isabella is always an issue of dispute between Kathy & Bhatti. What are Cathy issues with Isabella? Hopefully in the upcoming episodes we will come to know all? So this was the review of Episode 12 of Jackson Heights!

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