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| December 22, 2014

Jackson Heights Episode 14

Finally, the drama is moving back on its track. It’s once again picking up the pace. This episode was good as compared from the previous ones.

It was a surprise for Kathy when he saw Bhatti (her husband) with Salma. Salma & Bhatti, both are talking about a cup of coffee. On this Kathy acts like a possessive wife. I think Kathy & Bhatti are not living a happy life & Kathy always shows an indifferent behavior towards Imran Bhatti then why she is feeling too much jealously & showing too much possession?

In this episode once again Nadir (the Pakistani friend of Jamshed) calls to Jamshed & express his feelings that he is feeling very guilty (on the decision of marrying with Asma). But I think he should never feel guilty on his decision because he took a right decision. Nadir is giving explanations to Jamshed for his decision (I think Nadir; there is no need for explanations because you are right). Jamshed very honestly & directly reply to Nadir that he hurt a lot from this but now he has been moving towards the practical life.

Salma hat’s off for you because finally you take a step against Sikaandar (when Sikaandar once again try to trap Salma). Salma, finally, overheard the talks of both Sikaandar & Kashif about her “jewelry”. Salma realize that she is being fooled by her husband. At one point Salma thinks that “May be she listen something wrong but thanks to Aliya who bring her back on the track”. Tai Jee always shows very crudity towards Salma & Imaan. Tai Jee knows her son & his activities very well even then she supports only his son instead of Salma.

Michelle & Jamshed’s track is moving very fastly. I think these are the same person who never likes to talk with each other but now they are walking with each other into a park like romantic birds. I don’t know how Michelle brings out herself from the shell or shield that she made around herself from many years. Michelle had built some boundaries around herself after her first unsuccessful marriage. Now, only because of some sweet talks of Jamshed, she is crossing these boundaries. Why she never crossed these boundaries when Rizwan propose her? I think Rizwan is a nice & honest fellow (I think the couple of Rizwan & Michelle is better than Jamshed & Michelle, it’s my personal pint of view. What’s yours?). There is a very vast age difference between Michelle & Jamshed.

The preview of the next episode is really very interesting. Sikaandar & Kashif will try to steal something from Imran Bhatti & finally this incident will knit the story of Imran Bhatti, Salma & Sikaandar very well. So, this is a review of 14th episode of Jackson Heights from my side.

Jackson Heights Episode 14

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