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| December 29, 2014

Story of Jackson Heights Episode 15

I don’t know why Kathy is showing an annoyed behavior towards Imran Bhatti for being just a friend of Salma. She is again & again asking the questions that are very irritated for Imran Bhatti. In short words, Kethy is unable to become a nice & polite lady.

Michelle is trying her best in order to take care of Jamshed. She is trying her best in order to make him happy. She offers every possible help to him but on the other hand Jamshed is a sort of person who have egotism & mostly he try to refuse her help.  I don’t know why Michelle is falling in love with Jamshed. I am still confused about those characteristics of Jamshed which leads to melt Michelle ‘s rigid personality.

Jamshed, after a long time, meet with Imran Bhatti. Both Discuss about Michelle. Jamshed try to clarify that “I am not falling in love with Michelle only because I want to get a green card”. This statement from the mouth of Jamshed is surely surprise for me because I am thinking form the previous episodes that he is engaging himself in Michelle only because he want to get a green card if this is not the case then what factors leads him to involve in Michelle?

The director failed in order to show necessary details on “why Jamshed fall in love with Michele If he never wants green card or why Michele is getting herself involve into him” or may the direct or write have a card of trumpet that they use in the upcoming episode (this card may be tell us about this dilemma).

Now let’s move towards Salma. When Salma know the fact that Sikaandar is trying to deceive her then she takes a decision to involve the police in this matter because according to Salma can never let Imaan to stay with a man who engage in bad habits. She thinks that Imaan is not safe with him (because he is a criminal & thief so he can do anything with her). The confrontation of Imaan & Sikaandar is the best scene in this whole episode. Imaan is the girl who is too bold & can speak truth at the face of any person as she did before her father.

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