Review of Jackson Heights Episode 16

| January 3, 2015

Evaluation Jackson Heights Episode 16

Episode 16 of Jackson Heights has a good pace. In this episode we finally find out that Jamshed is just trying to trap the Michelle. When Michelle offers him the job of Manage in her Restaurant then Jamshed acts as “he is a person who want to achieve things with his own efforts” but in actual when she leaves the Michelle home then he smiles. His smile very clearly told us that he is trapping Michelle so that he can get the citizenship of America.

In this episode we also find out some facts about the past of Michelle. She is a woman who was deceived by his own uncle (her father’s brother) & cousin (whom she married in the past). Her cousin married with her because he wants her property. That’s why she hates “Desi” guys. I don’t know why Michelle once again starts to believe on a guy who came from Pakistan & claims that “he loves her”. She never ever tries to think “how it is possible for a young guy to love her because she is an overage lady”. She once again believes on a “desi guy”. I think she never deserve a “cheating by Jamshed”. When she shares her past with Jamshed & tells him about the dishonest of her relatives then Jamshed thinks about himself for a while. May be Jamshed becomes sincere with her (what we can do just crossing our fingers). At first Jamshed refuse the offer that is given by Michelle to him (job of Manger) but later he received it.

Imran Bhatti, finally, calls to Salma & then both meets in a park. Imran Bhatti shares his problems with her. He told her about her mother (who is ill) & the careless behavior of his brother towards her mother. Salma forget her purse into Imran’s Cab. Salma’s cell is also in this purse. So, Imran Bhatti check her purse & opens it so that he can find any clue about her home. Finally, he finds out an address. When he reached at the address & give purse to a man (Imran Bhatti finds out that he is the husband of Salma & he is the exact man who robbed him). Imran Bhatti is upset on “why Salma never share her realities of life with him”. Then he once again meets with Salma & tells her about his purse. He also told her that Sikaandar is the same person who robbed him late at night. Salma is in great shock when she comes to know this fact. She goes away from there. So, this is the review of Jackson heights episode 16. Share your thoughts with us!

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