Review of Jackson Heights Episode 21

| February 7, 2015

Episode 21 of Jackson Heights

After watching this episode I think the drama is losing its plot. The story is going to become dull & tedious after each passing episode. Repetitive scenes with repetitive points are really mind numbing & anesthetizing for its viewers.

Once again viewers are viewing Salma as a woman who seemed like an angel because a person who beats her, who try to kill a person whom she loved a lot, who exploit & abuse her how she can sell her jewelry for the purpose of paying the hospital dues of that person. Furthermore, she is trying to make him feel relax by keeping his legs on the sofa & then once again she is going on duty so that she can earn money for fulfilling the household expenditures. Salma is also bearing the mocking talks of her mother-in-law (Tai Jee). What’s going on? Are you crazy Salma? Why you are doing all this for such a materialistic family?

What about Jamshed’s trapping game that he is playing with Michelle? He is openly discussing his game with Rizwan & Michelle is working into the kitchen but Michelle never listen the talks of two persons who are quite important in her life. Then Jamshed propose Michelle before Rizwan & decide to marry with her only after three weeks. At first Michelle seemed quite surprised on this sudden news but later she said “yes” to Jamshed.  Finally, Jamshed successes in order to fix his wedding date. According to my point of view, Rizwan can look better with Michelle as a life partner. In the past Rizwan Proposed Michelle but Michelle never agreed. Both looks nice with each other but Jamshed look quite young with Michelle. Michelle is acting a girl who blushes on her wedding. The Michelle is following the instructions & decisions of Jamshed; she will surely hurt a lot sooner or later when Rizwan exposed Jamshed’s plans before Michelle. Hurry up Rizwan & save your best friend Michelle before it’s too late!

Kathy is trying to make a soft corner into the heart of Imran Bhatti. In order words we can say that Kathy who is, sorry who was, an independent American woman & never likes the interference of her husband into her tasks now she is acting as a woman who is begging before a man to never left her. In previous episodes we saw her as an emotionless woman who never cares her husband & kids now she is changing her emotions & sentiment. I think she is still confused about whether she loved her husband or not because when we love a person then we want to see her/him happy. Bhatti feel happy when he spends time Salma & Kathy know this fact very well then why she is trying to stop Bhatti from marrying with the woman whom he loved so much. Let see what will happen into the upcoming episodes? Moreover we finds out that Imran Bhatti’s brother & Bhabhi are behaving very badly with “Maa Jee”. I think the repetitive scenes that emphasizes on the cough of Maa Jee are very meaningless.

Now every woman in this drama is seemed quite foolish & stupid, because at one side Salma is still trying to live with a family that exploit her, abuse her & taunts her, on the other hand Kathy is also trying to beg before her husband (whom she never give respect) to stay with her & Michelle who looks like quite intellectual but easily fooled by a Pakistani guy who come America on a visit visa. Let see where the story will take its characters?

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