Review of Jackson Heights Episode 22

| February 16, 2015

Jackson Heights-Review of 22nd Episode

Jackson Heights urdu1drama is seemed as it is wrapping up now. Things are going to resolve. If we talk about Salma & Sikaandar then it seems as Salma is thinking to give another chance to Sikaandar.  He is now discharged from the hospital & resting at the home. Salma is taking care of Sikaandar & she is also very much worried about the money that Sikaandar has to pay to those people who try to kill him.

Sikaandar is also worried about it that’s why he calls to Kash (his cousin who run away from Jackson Heights & now living in another city) & said to him “come back” but Kash refuse to come back. This is the time when Sikaandar realize that the person whom he cared a lot & whom he consider his brother now left him in his bad times but the woman whom he never ever cared now standing with him like a supportive pillar.

Salma shared her tension with Bhatti Saab & Bhatti helps her by solving her problem. Salma told to Sikaandar that now the people who attacked on you will never frighten you again because one of mine friend has talked with them. At first Sikaandar seemed surprised but at next moment he immediately understands that Salma is talking about Bhatti Saab.

What about Bhatti Saab? Now days, he is worried about the health of his mother. Bhatti’s brother, who is living in Pakistan, calls to Bhatti & said that “our mother is serially ill then makes Imran Bhatti more anxious then he talked with Jamshed & said to him that you have to go back Pakistan so that you can support Iqbal Bhai.

Imran said to Jamshed that I cannot go Pakistan because my immigration papers are in process & Jamshed also refused to go back because he is going to marry with Michelle within two weeks. That’s the point where both seemed quite selfish because both are thinking about their own benefits. I think Imran Bhatti’s mother want to meet with her son because she waiting for him from the previous 10 to 15 years. So, Bhatti Saab you should think about it?

Finally, the sister of Michelle appears in this episode. She calls to Michelle & shows her anger on Michelle that “why don’t she tell her about her wedding that is going to be held soon”. Michelle tries to say her that “I want to give you a surprise” but her sister is very annoyed. I think in the upcoming episodes, finally, Rizwan will successes in order to exposed Jamshed. Hurry up Rizwan! This is the review of the 22nd episode of Jackson Heights. Let me know with your thoughts!

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