Review of Jackson Heights Episode 25

| March 7, 2015

Urdu1 Drama Jackson Heights Review of Episode 25

Jackson Heights 25th episode is once again totally meaningless. Yes I was right the writer & director never want to end this drama ASAP. Once again this episode highlights the old scenes. Salma is living with Sikaandar only because of Imaan’s happiness.  Sikaandar is trying to make Salma happy but she is not happy. Yes it’s true that Salma truly loves Imran Bhatti but I think for the purpose of gaining something we lose something s if she want to go with Imran Bhatti then she must lose Imaan or she can talk with Imaan or she can take Imaan with herself if Imaan also want to go with her. Now Salma is living with Sikaandar & his family against her will. Salma sacrifice a lot in her life so it’s the right time to think about herself but she is never thinking.

Imran Bhatti has reached Pakistan & meets with her mother who is now in coma. He is living with her brother & Bhabhi. Imran Bhatti feels that all this family never loves him but they love the dollars that he brings from America. Imran Bhatti listens the talks of his brother & Bhabhi which depicts very clearly about their greediness for the property. So, Imran decided that he only needs her mother & he never needs property. He thinks that “no problem I can live even in an apartment of two rooms with my mother”. Now, Imran is observing the materialistic behavior of his relatives. He is also missing Salma a lot. During breakfast Imran Bhatti reveals that now he will never go back America because he has divorced Kathy.

Jamshed is successfully trapping to Michelle. Rizwan is trying to talk with Michelle with Michelle is not ready to talk with him. Jamshed is playing his game very fastly but sooner or later he will be exposed by Rizwan. Rizwan what happened with you when Jamshed can buy an immigration lawyer with money (i has a strong feeling about this deal that’s actually not dramatized but it seems as Jamshed shut the mouth of lawyer after a deal) then you can also buy the same lawyer by offering double money after all you are banker & banker job means a good salary package. So, I think you can afford a deal for the purpose of exposing Jamshed who is deceiving your best friend & love Michelle. So, this is the review of the 25th episode of Jackson Heights. Hopefully, the next episode will be the last one.

Jackson Heights

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