Review of Jackson Heights Episode 9

| November 15, 2014

Episode 9 of Jackson Heights

From 1st to 9th episodes we very clearly understand the theme of this drama that is it all about the “desi people who are living in Abroad & facing lots of problems”. In Desi people Pakistani & Indian both are include. Each character is showing the tough life of Desi people in America. The team of “Jackson Heights worked well with realistic picture of the lives of people. Let’s have a review of 9th episode.

Finally, Nadir got engaged with Asma. This news hurts Jamshed a little but I think he controls himself. Jamshed’s family is happy with the news of Nadir’s Engagement with Asma. Nadir assures Asma (when he calls Asma) that he will never stop her from further education. Nadir also discusses the relation of Asma with Jamshed & assures her that he will never ever think or tease her about the past. This shows that the couple is finally settled well. Nadir also, finally, got a government jobs which makes happy to everyone.

On the other hand Jamshed knows very well that living in America & getting a job is a very tough task. When one of Michelle’s employees was absent then Jamshed worked well on his place & makes a good place in the heart of Michelle & manager of hotel.

But when employees come back then Manager said to Jamshed that now our old employee has come back, so we never need you. But Jamshed offers to Michelle that he is ready to work on the place of his old Employee (because her old employee absents most of the times & work less) only on the 6 dollar per hour instead of 8 dollars per hour. First Michelle refused his offer but Jamshed convinced her.

So, now Jamshed is working n Michele’s hotel & impressing her with his good work. May be Jamshed is trying to settle down in America? Is he flirting with Michelle or not? What’s going on into his mind? Wait for further episodes.

Salma’s character is showing a woman who is working hard for her family & a submissive wife. On the order to Sikandaar, she said to Imaan that now she will never attend he dance class anymore. But Imaan is strictly showing her interest in her dance class. So, Salma agrees & take her for to dance class so that she can complete her session of dance class without the permission of Sikandaar.

I think so much importance is given to dance class. Is not? Sikandaar reached at Salon & never find Salma there. Aliya said she go for some market to the market. But in actual Salma is taking her daughter Imaan for Dance class. Aliya Calls her & said her come back as soon as it is possible because Sikandaar is here. We further come to know from this episode that Sikandaar is actually a robber. He usually steals expensive mobiles or watches from people that’s why he has gone to jail.

Imran Bhatti’s character is showing a polite, jolly nature & gentle man.  He is living a hard life with Kathy. Finally, Kath’s son told his step-father that his elder were smoking but his mother shows his anger on your nephew. He told all this when Kathy throw away a sweater of Imran without his permission (this sweater came from Pakistan Imran Bhatti’s mother send it to him). So, this was the 9th episode. Let see what happened with each character’s life.

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