Review of Latest 17th Episode of Mere Humdum Mere Dost

| August 12, 2014

Here we have the latest 17th episode of drama serial Mere Humdum Mere Dost. Now in my review I must say that this episode is basically about Sajeela and her desires. She should always remembered that how she crushed Haider,s feeling and his desires and leave him with unsuccessful married experience and spend her life with Mazhar. Yes time is rthe best Healer and teacher. Sajeela is nothing but a rude and selfish girl who teased Haider and know when her second marriage also broken just because Mazhar was a fraud and coward person. And now Sajeela wants Haider back in her life but now Haider becomes very careful about marriage just because his first experience.

I really enjoyed the spark and happiness in Aimen’s eyes when she saw Haider ignoring Sajeela and giving a damn importance to her. Sajeela is ready to do any thing Infact she is doing all possible things to convince Haider and Bibi as she felt sorry for what she had done. But there is no use of crying over spilt milk. Haider and Sajeela don’t giving her any importance and treating her in a way she deserved. Sajeela feels insecurity and jealousy when she observed the closeness of Haider and Aimen and now just for her own sake she starts planting seeds of doubt on Aimen’s heart. I mean she is again spoiling another life just for her own sake.

Aimen first feel doubt for Haider but then she takes a second to recollect herself. Then for her own satisfaction she called Haider for lunch. Now Aimen and Haider means a lot for each other they fills the empty the space in their hearts when they are together. Shaheer tried to propose Aimen but as she is in love with Haider she cant even think to marry anyother person.

And luckily Shaheer found that his father is friend with Haider and Taufeeq. Sajeela is continuously in trying to convince Almas that she wants Haider back in her life but Almas dissuade her about all the reality that it is impossible but she is a stubborn girl and not ready to hear anything.

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