Review of Love Story “Sadqay Tumhare” Episode 8

| November 29, 2014

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 8:

I have no words to describe how special this episode is for me because once again “Sadqay Tumhare” hit a sixer. This filmy & romantic story is unfolded very brilliantly by the Khalil-ur-Reman Qamar.  Mahira Khan & Adnan Malik both are performing their characters as Shanno & Khalil very distinctly. This love story is looking like a folk tale because the element of “Illhams (wits)”, which usually came to Shanno about Khalil & to Khalil about Shanno, surprises me a lot. Shanno exactly tells what’s happening with Khalil or what’s going on into Khalil’s mind or where he is now.

Finally Khalil come to Shanno’s village. Again the way the Tanga wala shows his love for Shanno, I like it very much. He tells to Khalil about Shanno’s obedience & lovable nature. This also shows that Shanno is a girl who is loved by people lived around her. But her parents are not doing well with her. Irfan Khosatt as Tanga Wala is doing his job very well. He takes to Khalil into the village without any fare. When Khalil offers fare then Tanga Wala refused from taking it by saying that how he can take fare from his son-in-law.

The scenes of fighting are really very touchy. The way Khalil fights with Fiyaz & his fellows is really very obvious for me because it is only power of true love which makes you to do all those things that you normally think not to do ever. Molvi Saab comes there not to save the life of Khalil but the Life of Fiyaz.

The conversation between Shanno & Molvi Saab on the topic of “Daughter’s rights” is really very amazing. The way Shanno is sitting at “Daargah” & expressing her wit bout Khalil is extremely incredible. Shanno is truly in love with Khalil. Shanno is paying for the life of Khalil. She also informed her best Friend that if Khalil will die then she will also die.

When someone knocked at the door then Shanno’s best friend opened the door & shouts because Khalil is there. Bleeding from his wounds surprise to Shanno &then she asks from him “Mar Kha ky aye ho?” but Khalil very clearly told her that “Nahi”.  Gestures of Khalil very clearly show that “nahi mar kha ky nahi aya bulky mar khila kr ayah hon”. Overall the scenes were short & full of new turns & twists.

Shanno’s mother is also very much surprised to see wounds on the body & face of Khalil & go towards the kitchen so that she can prepare “Haldi wala Dood”  for him. This episode ends when Fiyaz suddenly opened the door & calls Khalil. As usual this is another amazing episode of “Sadqay Tumhare”. Let’s wait for the next episode!

Sadqay Tumhare episode 8

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