Review of Mann Mayal Episode 16

| May 12, 2016

Mann Mayal episode 16:

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Like last episode, our love Guru (Salahuddin) is seemed engaged with his teenage lover like activities. The way by which Salahuddin is trying to control Mennu’s life is immature. His telephonic connection with Mennu is acceptable because it can be uncontrolled desire to be in touch with who is really special but the way of his chasing Mennu is ridiculous, he finds Mennu’s son “Tippu”, saves him to be lost and gets back him to his family. At this whole situation Mennu’s dialogues are senseless, she says that Salahuddin at voice massage that she feels that someone is protecting her, someone watches her every time and solves her every problem but she doesn’t know who is he. It’s senseless because after the incident of hospital she must guess that that person is Salahuddin.

I am sorry but have to say that jeena’s character is greatly awkward. I mean how it can be possible that a young lady think about snooze in office at late night in wait of her boss. It can’t be a standard attitude of a employ. Jeena waits for Salahuddin at dinner and finally sleep at her chair just like a wife of her. Clearly she is trying to do much more than her duties. Her obsession to be attach with Salahuddin is awkward, always she is talking about her aloneness and justified her every activity a behalf of her loneliness.  Conversation between her and Salahuddin during taking dinner is completely annoying. Their selection words and topics which they are discussing were ridiculous and not standard. Salahuddin avoids his family to such extent that he was not aware that her sister “Bia” has been mother of child. The way Bia tells her about the birth of her daughter s also not worthy. I mean they are just a few family members and still their attitude towards each other is very formal.

Mennu’s meeting with Salahuddin after knowing that Salahuddin is that person who is playing role of “Guru” in her life was also not admiring. Mennu severely criticized Salahuddin due to his interference in her personal life. Both expressions at that time just like teen age lovers, Salahuddin tries to justify himself while Mennu continuously insulted him and warns him not to get in the way of her life. One of biggest change which occurred in this episode is Mennu contact to her family and her family responds her nothing serious has occurred in previous years. Mennu’s change attitude is accepted by her family just because of her high profile in-laws’ customs and their way of life. Is it possible that we leave a dear person just because of such minor reasons?

Jeena’s blunt behavior to Salahuddin’s mother is also artificial; she talks to her just like she is very close to their family. Salahuddin’s mother demands her for her photo in very first talk, this thing is also odd.
Jamil says to jeena that she just confined herself to her duties and not infer in Salahuddin’s affairs but Jeena is not ready to hear anything and continuously inferring in Salahuddin’s life without any manners.

Another note worthy feature of this episode is that Salahuddin finds another solution to bring some betterment in Mennu’s life. He informed Mikeal’s father that he is still playing cards and engaged in ill legal activities. His father chases him and finds him while playing cards. Now viewers are waiting for the next episodes in which we will find that jeena is interfering in Salahuddin personal matter more actively while Mikeal’s father has been died and once again Mennu come to Salahuddin. It seems that time is hastily passing I this drama without any progress of plot. We just hope that we find some strong development in story in next episode.

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