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| May 25, 2016

18 episode of Mann Mayal:

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Before any discussion I must title this episode as totally mingled. Everything was contradictory in this episode. In one scene we find shouted Salahuddin at Jeena and in next we find him setting besides her, talking about Jeena’s good friendly natures, her caring style and her love for food. It was expecting in last episode that some element of mutual love will be develop between Salahuddin and Mannu, but in this episode after some scenes whole atmosphere has been changed and we found Mannu as showing  soft corner In her heart for Mikeal. In one scene Mannu was determined to go back in her parents’ home and she was right image of gloom and misery but after she tells her mother with great contentment that she will never come at their home because he is happy now and she has to live with her husband. Along with situations even dialogues were mingled. First Jamil safe to Jeena that she must keep away herself from their boss’ personal affairs as it is not her duty but later he sits in front of her to discuss their boss’s love life.
In this episode we found Mannu’s parents showing that concern which they have to show after Mannu’s wedding. They decide to go to see Mannu; it was also shocking that how soon Mannu’s mother realized that daughters keep themselves connected with their parents but why Mannu does not contact with them.  First scene was really interesting when Salahuddin took Mannu and her kids to hospital due to her daughter’s illness. After checkup he drops Mannu back at her home but there is Mikeal who taunts at their relationship in vulgar way. Mikeal’s conversation was condemnable and Salahuddin’s reaction is justified. Salahuddin put a strong punch at Mikeal’s nose by realizing him that he should not talk about Mannu like this. Mannu suggests Mikeal that he should beat Salahuddin in return or abuse him when he shows her his selfie with great wound at nose.
From jeena’s conservation which she made in anger, Salahuddin gets the idea that Mannu should go back to her home. He insists her strongly rather threaten her that if she didn’t go back to her parents, he will tell all about Mikeal to them. In that scene we find that Mannu’s respected “Teacher” of earlier episodes has been converted into “Cheater” (Mann calls him cheater). But later convinces to go back, Mannu’s delivery of dialogues and expressions was awesome in this scene. After Mannu’s home, Salahuddin comes to Jeena and their meeting was totally unjustified. There is no professional way to meet an employ rather Salahuddin comes at Jenna’s home at later night and sits beside her in very relaxing way.

Jeena’s character is in this episode is tremendously damn, I know that love is blind but it is not nonsense like “Mujy Salahuddin Chahye”,  her behavior, her reactions and her peeping style in Salahuddin’s affairs are totally irrational. I must salute her courage when she says to Jamil that awareness of everything about Salahuddin’s life is essential for her and once again her caring drama starts when she comes at Salahuddin’s home with food items but badly insulted by him. He clearly tells her that she is mattered for him but only for official works not for his personal matters. Her dialogues after Salahuddin’s were totally unjustified rather shameless. She bluntly says that she has no one whom she can care that’s why she comes to Salahuddin (well Jena if is it your matter then why your selection is just Salahuddin, why you are not thinking about Jamil, he is also alone like you). Her act of reporting Salahuddin’s mother about the arrival of Mannu in office is another awkward act which declared her character as fake. I must say that she an enormously clever that she knows everything from Salahuddin’s mother just by throwing some headlines. Jeena also takes enormous benefit from Salahuddin’s arrival at her homer and abruptly says home that she is considered himself as her friend (just to come close to him). Salahuddin’s arrival at jeena’s home at late night s also unjustified, he can thank her at telephone or can make an excuse for his behavior. But he comes at her home at late night and behaving just like he is her close one. Definitely Salahuddin’s act of coming at jeena’s home will give a strong chance to jeena to drive her train of imaginations once again.

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What happen to next is unpredictable, the state of drama is little bit ambiguous and confusing. But we can’t do anything except wait for the next episode which may develop story at clear track.


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