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| May 31, 2016

Mann Mayal episode:

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Finally there is fine twist in story of Mann Mayal and I must say that it is fresh breezy wave in static story progression. First of all I agree that story was impeded at one point since last few episodes but we can’t say that there was nothing happening. Just development of story is not sufficient; to produce a fine masterpiece of art we must accentuate some minor things. To strengthen the story’ real essence, sometimes it is vital to pay attention at those minor things which are eventually strong built the story. in last three or four episode we can say the there was low story development but characters were truly defined with excellent dexterities. We find Mikeal’s means at its height when he didn’t show any gloom rather concern with is parent’s death, Mannu’s determination to settle her married life, to bring things at normal level and her tolerating nature clearly defined. We also find Salahuddin confession that he slaughtered Mann’s happiness due to his timid nature and his pure love for her showed with fine skill, jeena’s character clearly revealed in this episode but we can guess about her manipulation her blunt nature from last episodes.

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Mannu’s character is tremendously pure and right incarnation of Asian girl. Despite utmost miseries, she is ready to make compromise with Mikeal and determine not to leave his home. She truly justified cultural norms of middle class girl who belongs to a well civilized family. We can’t expect separation with husband from a traditional girl like Mannu; it is really easy if there is jeena at state of Mannu because jeena’s background allows it freely. Mannu was not ready to go with her parents because she wanted to perform her responsibility to save the grace of her parents-in-law’ home but it is really fruitless when her husband is like Mikeal, really mean and rubbish kind of person who is selfish to extreme level that he is not even knows the names of his children. From last episode there was a little hope that Mikeal will be human like but it was great illusion.  In this episode first Mannu tries to save family jewelry and money from Mikeal but at his inhuman behavior she gives all to him and despite all these that cruel man ruthlessly forces to Mannu to leave home. Mikeal‘s callousness was at extreme point that he does not leave even a penny in Mannu’s bag to go back at her home and leave her helpless at rush road with both kids. I really appreciate Mannu’s dialogue delivery which was simple but teemed with real emotions and concern, my heart was full greatly emotional when she indirectly tries to say to her parents to go back and says “ main sub kuch bardshat kar sakti ho, per mery baba ke sath koi unchi awaz mein bat kare ye main bardshat nahi kar sakti”. I must say too that if Mannu’s parent showed their concern for her daughter in previous episodes, things will be change from present wreck situation.

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About jeena I must say that “Jeena ne Salahuddin ka jeena haram kia howa hai”. A nonsense drama queen girl who have no limits and self respect, she calls him at late night without any hesitation and talks to him till the dawn and notice after cooking has moved towards dusting of Salahuddin’s home and said to him that his mother said her to do all these things. It seems that she is controlling Salahuddin’s home just like an owner, she doesn’t allow to the servants to enter in home and justifies this act with great trick in front of Salahuddin.  She discusses her family to Salahuddin, behaves him in frank way just like a family member and I will say that she knows that of gaining plus points from others. Salahuddin appreciate her at her early rising and at her good nature but I appreciate that unintentionally Salahuddin titles her rightly as “Pakao master”.  It was end that Salahuddin says her to go back by holding her hand and by taking her towards the door but she stills remains bolshie and says him to have McDonald for breakfast. She is crossing all limits to have Salahuddin in her life. She pretends the things, she lies and she manipulates the situation with great dexterity. It is totally unjustified, that she comes at his boss’ home at 1: am to discuss some points regarding office’ work. I am shocked that how a civilized traditional man like Salahuddin can allows her to enter in home at late night. She is too blunt and unmannered girl that she attends the call of Salahuddin (which is made by Mannu’s father) and treats him tremendous tricky way. Her voluptuous and manipulator nature truly revealed in this and some of other scenes of this episodes especially when she puncher the tire of her car in wicked way. It seems that she is determined to leave at Salahuddin’s homer permanently.


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Salahuddin character was both appreciated and condemnable in this episode. I will appreciate him for his direct reaction first when he calls to his mother to conform that either she said to jeena to clean his home? And for second time when she notices Jeena’s dress and says that “ye kapray tum sath le ke ai thi apny” but Jeena changes the situation in her favor but using tricky words like I was not planned all this beforehand  and makes Salahuddin guilty to ask her such question. He time and again apologies her. I will strong condemn him at his easy going behavior at jeena’s blunt actions. If he is really cared about the thoughts of people (about Jeena and his interaction) or if he is not really interested in her then why he does not make her clear that she must confined her just to the office. At Jenna’s obsessive behavior Salahuddin’s reactions are just some frustrating gestures or just a word in annoying tone “Jeenaaaaaaa”.

In preview we find that story is further moving in interested way when Salahuddin catches the Mannu in presence of Jeena when she is living his home rashly. We also found that Jeena directly says to Salahuddin that she does not want to eave his home. I am expecting some bigger twists which are taking place in story of Mann Mayal and I am wishing all the best to move Mann Mayal in appreciating direction.

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