Review of Mann Mayal Episode # 28

| August 4, 2016

1 Mann Mayal episode no 28 (6)

Mann Mayal 28 no episode:

This episode made me enormously disappoint, episode was colossal expression of weak plot, loose acting skill and artificial depiction of situation. Everything was objectionable. How can Mikeal convert into affectionate father from a careless wicked person? How can Jamil manipulated by Jeena so easily? There are also many how and how which are related from Salahuddin’s character. The story of drama can defined in just one sentence which is “it is just like pendulum which turns into Mannu’s favor for one time and for next time it is in favor of Jeena.

I always defend the acting of Mayal Ali but I must say that in this episode her acting was too much superficial. There can be some more effective and heart touching expressions to reveal her grief at kidnapping of her kids but her acting was greatly poor and spoil the situation to disgusting level. Things are taking place in this drama without any prediction and any initial background. Mikeal’s character is strong example of this statement. How can he turn to caring father and concerning husband (I use this word because he wants Mannu back in his home) from mean nature? Where are his plans of opening a card playing bar in his home and get money from it? Why he does not demand the money from Salahuddin according to the plan? Things are completely changed without any prediction or possibility.

2 Mann Mayal episode no 28 (6)
Jamil’s character is reduced to just a victim of tricky mind. Jeena manipulated him to end level and easily turn the situation in her favor. How can Jamil tolerate all this without any significant reaction? His acting was enormous shit in last episode.  He must say something not to justify him but to reveal Jeena’s mean nature and about her plans. But he is obedient too much that Salahuddin said “get lost” and he leaves the situation. It was truly unnatural. One more annoying thing was that how can Salahuddin agree to stay at Jeena’s home for night while there was option of Salahuddin’s home? It was protect place for Jeena but I seems that in this episode every character was determined to act and react according to Jeena’s plan.

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The disgusting thing is that still the next episode is not last, story is dragged by the team with great fail but still we have to bear it. From promo we can’t accept something significant to happen in next episode but let’s see how this confused drama move forward and what will be its end is it in favor of Jeena or Mannu. People are waiting for this result but with great disappointment.

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