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| November 24, 2014

Goya Review of Episode 1 & 2

“Goya” is a new drama that aired on ARY Digital at every Saturday night at 08:00 pm. The cast of this drama include Osman Khalid Butt (as Umer or Junior Hashmi hero of drama), Sana Javed (Mohini as Heroin), Usman Peerzada (as Senior Hashmi), Farah Shah (Asma), Shamim Hilali (as Mrs. Imtiyaaz), Hira Tareen (daughter of a business man), Tara Mehmood (as wife of Senior Hashmi), Furqan Qureshi (as Ali), Gohar Rasheed, Asad Siddique (as office college of Monihi) etc. The drama is directed by the Farrukh Faiz. The story is written by Mohammed Ahmed. It is a Six Sigma production. Let’s have a review of this totally unique story. Its genre is romance & family drama.

It is the world of Senior Hashmi; he is a very successful businessman. In these two episodes I saw him only as a strict man who is very much involve in his business activities. H shows very strict behavior towards his son Umer. His son Umer calls him as “Sir”. The relationship between father & son is not like a normal routine. Umer wants to go abroad for MBA but his father never allows him because according to senior Hashmi “Jo students bahir parney jaty hen wo is position k liye jaty hen jis position pr tum already ho”. Senior Hashmi behaves very sternly with Junior Hasmi (Umer) because according to Senior Hashmi in this way he saves his son from the so called “ayashiyan” that are usually found into Rich boys. Umer is living in the territory of a Hitler father.

Umer is very young & handsome bachelor into his circle. He is a public figure. He gets a place as a celebrity on the cover page of various magazines. But he is not like a typical & arrogant rich boy. He feels asphyxiate & suffocate in this highly elite class circle. He wants to live a normal life.

Tara Mehmood appears as wife of Hashmi. She is second wife of Hashmi but she never behaves like a step-mother with Umer. Mrs. Imtiyaaz is an employ at Hashmi’s home. She is the governance & takes care of Hashmi’s home from previous 17 years. She is very close to Umer. Now senior Hashmi wants to marry his son Umer with the daughter of another successful businessman (his friend also). Hira Tareen is the girl who is chosen by Senior Hashmi as a girl who will marry with Umer.

Two more characters which are introduced in the drama are of mother & daughter. The mother is Asma & her daughter is Mohini. Mother & daughter both are very franks to each other. Mohini & Asma both are independent ladies. Mohini is a news reporter & Asad Siddique appears as office college of Monihi. She calls her mother as ‘Asma” sometimes that shows how much both are closer with each other. Both are working for living a decent & respectable life. These two characters of mother & daughter (Asma & Mohini) are totally contradictory from father & son (senior Hashmi & Junior Hashmi Umer).

Umer wants to escape from the empire of Senior Hashmi. He feels comfort & relaxation in the company of Mrs. Imtiyaaz & Ali. Ali is the best Friend of Umer. Now Umer & Ali makes a plan according to which Umer has to move abroad (U.S Umer also have the citizenship of U.SD.) without the permission of his father. Ali calls the father of Umer as Undertaker which is very funny. Ali helps in ticketing process. Mrs. Imtiyaaz also include in this plan. But unfortunately, due to wide intelligence network of Senior Hashmi the Junior Hashmi’s plan destroyed. Now once again Umer has to face the anger of his father on this stupidity. Senior Hashmi fires the Mrs. Imtiyaaz from job. But Umer talks from the wife of Senior Hashmi (his step mother) that “Please stops Mrs. Imtiyaaz from going”. He calls his step mother as Mrs. Hashmi. Mrs. Hashmi is a good, polite, well-mannered & civilized lady. She is successful fashion designer. She talks from Senior Hashmi & finally successes in stopping Mrs. Imtiyaaz.

Mohini met with Umer in an Art Exhibition held at Mohini’s mom Hotel. . Mohini comes there for providing coverage to this event while Umer comes there as an honored guest. The way Umer face the media (when Mohini asked from him about the exhibition & about that painting that he bought) is really very amusing. Mohini appears as a confident lady at this Exhibition while Umer appears socially uncomfortable, awkward & ill at ease. Mohini consider him as a jazzy rich boy when a debit card accidently falls on the floor. Umer shares his meeting with Mohini & said that she is nice girl.

I think Senior Hashmi has a very horrible past because I n his talks with his wife he said that “Tum ney wo aag nahin dekhi hy jo mey ny dekhi hy”.

I enjoyed the next meeting of Mohini with Umer when she was waiting for Asma (Asma works in a hotel & the father of Umer owns an office on the top floor of this building). Now Umer (when saw to Mohini standing in his office building) talks with her about the previous meeting in the exhibition. In her discussion with Umer she reveals that Asma is her mother & works there. Then both decided to go for coffee. She helps him in dodging his guards. Mohini is driving her old fashioned plus Khatara car very rashly on the Tariq road. Umer is sweating due to this rash drive. But he shows as he is feeling hot & warm. So, Mohini decide to go eating Gola Ganda (a sweet gola or cone mad with ice) instead of coffee. Umer likes to eat Gola Ganda. Due to Umer’s long time absence from office his father asked him “where you were” then he replied “in washroom”.

Umer shares his meeting with Mohini to Ali. Ali said “Yahan bi naak kata di hy, Bhai! Larkiyan larkon ko ly kr nahin jati”. Umer’s father ordered him that he has invited the family of a friend (the family of the girl that is chosen by Senior Hashmi for his son) on tonight’s dinner so come back home soon. On dinner Umer’s cough makes his father to feel embarrass. I think Umer is coughing due to the eating of Gola Ganda.

Mohini also shared her meeting with Ume while her mother surprised to listen her how she takes him into her old car Tariq road & then for eating Gola Ganda. Asma said her she should never treat him like this because he belongs from a high class & their life style is totally different from us. Furthermore, if Senior Hashmi know about these meetings then it will be very bad for us.

This drama & delivery of dialogues is creating a wow factor. Sana Javed is performing her character very well. The same praising words are for Usman Peerzada & Osman Khalid Butt. Let see where the story will take its views. Waiting for the 3rd Episode!

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