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| December 20, 2014

Sadqay Tumhare Beautiful Love Saga Episode 11

“Sadqay Tumhare” is really a very romantic love story that depicts the true love of Shanno & Khalil. I must that although our Hero “Khalil” is a new actor yet he is doing his job very well. On the other hand it is an obvious fact that no other heroin has been as better as “Mahira Khan (Shanno). No doubt that the team work of this drama is flawless. The director & writer of this drama both never focus on lots of twist & turns, they are just trying to present a love story very beautiful & they are succeed in it because lots of viewers wait for Friday’s night so that they can watch next episode. Some like to read reviews, so stay with us for the latest review of the 11th episode.

In this episode, the most focus is on “Pure Love of Shanno & Khalil”. Furthermore most of the scenes are about “respect” that is usually given to Shanno by Khalil. When Khalil was going back to Lahore then he say “stop” to the Tanga wala (when Tanaga wala reached near the village’s Mosque) so that he can offer Fajar’s prayer. On the other hand “Shanno” is also offering her prayer at home. In mosque the talk between Khalil & Molvi Saab is done very nicely. The way Khalil confess before Molvi Saab that “today, I offer a prayer after a long time”, I like it very much. Molvi Saab said to Khalil “you should pray from God for Shanno, so offer all prayers regularly & beg from God”. Then Khalil said “paanch nahi to Char tu zaror parhon ga”. Molvi Saab asked “paanchvein q nahi parho gy?” & Khalil very beautifully confess that “Esha ki namaz kafi lambi hoti hy na”.

When Khalil reached at home then the reaction of his mother & father is really very obvious. His mother shows her anger towards Rasheeda. On the other hand, Khalil father trying to go Police Station so that he can report about the guy who hit his son Khalil but Doctor Maqsood stops him by telling him how bravely Khalil fights with the four guys. Furthermore, Doctor Maqsood said that at one side Khalil want to marry with Shanno but on the other hand Shanno family will never agree so he presents a solution. Maqsood said to Khalil’s father that “Court Marriage” is a better solution. At first Khalil’s father never agree on this solution & said to doctor Maqsood that Khali is your friend so you should talk to him by giving arguments but Doctor Maqsood replies that “jahan dalil khatam hoti hy wahan sy mohabbat shroo hoti hy us ki”. Maqsood very clearly told to Khalil’s father that that Khalil & Shanno’s love is really very unusual.

At one side we are viewing that Khalil’s family is showing positivity (they only think about each other’s happiness) while on the other hand Shanno family, especially, her mother Rasheeda is showing only negativity (Rasheeda always talk very bitterly with her kids including Shanno).  Rasheeda only wants to take revenge from Khalil family. She is also very much afraid from Khalil & Shanno’s love. When Rasheeda was talking with Shanno then Shanno reveals that “she wants a mother who is also a good friend of her”. But her mother only taunts her or mocks her but Shanno never hurt from this behavior.

It was good to see when Shanno sing a song. I like the lyrics of the song. The song is all about “Paarsaei” I mean “Pakeeza Mohabbat”. Shanno & Khalil can continue to love each other forever even without getting married with each other. Shanno has a complete faith on Khalil’s mohabbat. She said that “wo baghaye ga hi nahi bs mohabbat hy us ki nazar me khoot nahi”. Shanno share her feelings only with her best friend.

No doubt that Maqsood is a well-wisher of Khalil. He never wants to present the Court Marriage idea before Khalil. For this purpose he chooses the “captain” so that Khalil will never doubt on him. During a cricket match (when the team of Khalil is losing the match then Khalil decide to play on the 9th number but Captain said to him “how you can bat in this condition” but Khalil said “sharat laga lo pheli ball per six lagaon ga” but captain said no it is never possible.

Khalil said “if I do it then I will ready to do anything that you will say to me”.  Khalil succeed & Captain present the idea of Court Marriage before Khalil but Khalil reacts very furiously on this idea because he respect Shanno a lot & can never want to do anything that can become a cause of dishonor or disgrace for Shanno. No doubt that Khalil is not a coward man.

Overall, it is a good episode that is directed well & dialogues were written well. I appreciate the team work. This is a review from my side what’s yours?

Sadqay Tumhare episode 11

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