Review of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 13

| January 3, 2015

13th Episode of “Sadqay Tumhare”

I must say, it was another flawless episode with outstanding performance of Mahira, Adnan & all other supporting characters. The effort of the team of Sadqay Tumhare deserves appreciation for such a lovely & touchy love story. It was pleasure for me to watch such a nice episode. 13th episode of Sadqay Tumhare is actually all about the meeting of Shanno & Khalil. As I told you in the previous episode review that both Shanno & Khalil made a plan of meeting at Humaira’s brother wedding function. So, they meet & discuss about their “love”.

I love the discussion between Shanno & Khalil. I like each & every dialogue. A brief description is here. Khalil talk with Shanno about “court marriage” but Shanno believes that “Khalil is the only person who respects me a lot & always be a protector of my modesty”. She reveals her feelings as “‘Pata hy, jb me ap sy mili bi nahi thi, ye bi nahi janti thi k ap mujh sy piyar krty ho ya nahi, phir bi is bat ka ill-haam tha mujhy, yaken tha, ky meri haya ky rakh-walay ho ap”. She Said to Khalil “ap hamesha sach boolty ho” (it likes as “tu jo ap ny abi kaha wo besach hy kya?”) but Khalil said “Kaha tu sach hy, lekin dil sy nahi”. Shanno further said to Khalil “Mohabbat py bas nahi chaltaa, lekin Nikkah tu ikhtiyar me hota hy or ikhityar is ka maa baap (parents) k pass hota hy”. By saying all this to Khalil Shanno is actually showing “how much she is obedient towards her parents, she respects her parents & never want to do anything that can cause any kind of embarrassment for them in society. Then Khalil said that “Is muhabbat k do hi enjaam ho skty hen, court marriage kr lo ya phir bicher k Mur jaao”. He further Said that “Bicher k Mur jana behter hy”.

When Shanno & Khalil are talking to each other then Mushtaq (the cousin of Humaira, he is new entry in drama, who asked “who is singing the song’) came there & look towards Shanno. Khalil cannot bear his eye teasing at Shanno. A little Dispute occurs between Khalil & Shanno. Khalil said to Shanno “call your friend Humaira” & then he said “let me drop you at home then I will deal with him”. Shanno is very much afraid & she wants to say something to Khalil but Khalil stops her by saying “Apni kasaam na dyna mujhy, tmhy meri kasaam. Tumhy koi dekhy tu mujhy is baat ka gum nahi hy, lekin tumhy koi bouri nazar sy dekhy tu dekhy hi q”. All this shows that Khalil is very protective towards Shanno. He loves her & also gives her lots of respect. After dropping her at home, Khalil go towards Humaira’s home so that he can talk to Mushtaq but Mushtaq’s father. Mushtaq’s father is actually an inspector that’s why he is showing his power but when Humaira said that “jo marzi kr lo akhir me maaffi hi mangni ho gi” then Mushtaq’s father call his son & resolve this matter. But Mushtaq & his father both are still in anger. Literally, this is new aspect of Khalil’s personality. Let see what is hidden in this new Pandora box.

Then Khalil go at Shanno home so that he can tell her that he never fights with Mustaq & only talks with him & his father. At the same time Shanno’s mother came at the door & talk very bitterly with Shanno & Khalil on this late night discussion of Shanno & Khalil at the door. Shanno mother close the door & go away. Shanno is restless & cannot sleep. She gets up & goes towards the door & open the door. She saw that Khalil is sitting at her doorstep. When she asked from him “why you are sitting there in such a cool weather” then Khalil replied that I am sitting here so that I can protect you from Rasheeda Khala (he asked from Shanno unho ny tumhy mar tu nahi). Shanno said if my mother beats me then you will never stop to her”. All this shows that Shanno is very submissive towards her parents. Then Khalil said that “I promised to Molvi Saab that I will spend this night at your home so now I am going there”. Shanno close the door & go away on the roof instead of going at bed so that she can also sit in cold weather as Khalil did for her.

In the early morning Shanno’s sister neither finds out Shanno at her bed nor in patio, then she told her mother about the absence of Shanno & Rasheeda said her husband that Shanno go away with Khalil so you should stops her immediately. Shanno father finds out Khalil & starts to beat him by saying “where is my daughter”.  But Khalil said Shanno is at home. He goes with Shanno’s father at her home & finally Rasheeda finds out Shanno at the roof. Due to the cold weather, Shanno is ill. Shanno’s father said to Khalil “ruko chae pee kar Jana” but Khalil never stops there & goes away”.

Khalil said to Tanga wala “Stop” when the Tanga reach near a tea stall. Khalil & Tanga wala both are sitting near a tea stall. At the same time Mushtaq passed from here in his vehicle.

On the other hand Shanno’s mother said to Shanno’s father that now we should find a boy for Shanno. She said to Shanno’s father that you should emotionally blackmail your daughter so that she will be ready to marrying someone. Let see what will happen? The preview of the next episode is quite thrilling. So, don’t forget to read the next review. Share your thoughts with us!

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