Review of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 17

| January 31, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare-Episode 17

This episode is really very interesting & full of new twists. Finally, Shanno’s parents are arranging a marriage of Shanno with Mushtaq. On the other hand Khalil is waiting for Shanno at Master Jee Home. Khalil never knows the fact that Shanno’s parents are going to marry their daughter with Mushtaq.

Amin ask from his wife Rasheeda “whether Shanno will say yes for this Nikkah or not”. On this question Rasheeda said to Amin that “I have a plan for it, so don’t worry you just go towards the Molvi Saab home & ask for Nikkha”. When Amin go at the Molvi Saab Home so that he can hire Molvi Saab for “Nikkha” but Molvi Saab refused by saying “us pr meherbani karo wo buhat kush rakhy ga usy”. From some previous episodes we feel that Amin really understood the fact that “Khalil is not a bad guy, he is a true man & there is no reason to refuse his proposal for Shanno except the fact that Rasheeda not agree for it.

Amin come back home & told to Rasheeda that Molvi Saab is not coming for Nikkah. Then Amin Said that “give me the number of Mushtaq’s father so that they can arrange a Molvi for Nikkah. When Amin asked from Rasheeda “what is your plan” then Rasheeda gives her husband a long piece of rope & said to him if Shanno will never agree for the Nikkah then you will commit a suicide by hanging this rope into your neckline & with ceiling fan then Shanno will surely change her decision & will be agreed for this Nikkah. When I watch this scene then the funny expression of the Amin’s face makes me to laugh a lot.

No doubt, that Humaira’s character is depicting a true & sincere friend who can do anything for the sake of friendship. We find out that Humaira along with some other girls celebrate the wedding day of Shanno by using a “Dholki”. Then Humaira requests to Shanno “please sing a song”. Firstly Shanno refuse but later she sings a song in her sweet voice. When Humaira wants to take Shanno into the other room (so that she can help Shanno in make-up) that is located on the roof then Rasheeda stops her but later she allows her. Humaira told to Shanno all about how she can go to the Master Saab home where Khalil is waiting for her. Finally, Shanno reached at Master Saab’s home & go away with Khalil.

Barat came at Shanno’s home. Rasheeda knock at the door & call Shanno then Humaira pretends as she need 15 minutes more to finalize the bridal but Rasheeda said “I know Shanno is not in the room so open the door now”. This is really a very shocking statement for Humaira, she opened the door & Rasheeda said to her “tumhara kam khatam ab jao yahan sy”.  Then Rasheeda starts to shout loudly & finally Mushtaq & his father come to know that Shanno is not at home. Mushtaq’s father order to the police to chase a couple who is on the bike, the boy’s name is Khalil & girl’s name is Rukhsana (Shanno).

The last scene is once again very shocking when an unknown person knock at the door & want to meet Amin immediately. This unknown person told them about the exact place where Shanno & Khalil will be going to marry. Here this episode ends. The next episode will surely be very interesting.

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