Review of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 18

| February 7, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 18

No Doubt that Sadqay Tumhare is a Hum TV drama serial with strong cast & brilliant plot. Watching Sadqay Tumhare on every Friday’s night at 08:00 pm is not less than a visual treat. Every scene of this episode is quite interesting, to the point & full of with new twist. This episode will surely keep its all viewers hooked & attentive till to the end. Each character of this drama plays very well in this episode. The great turn of this episode will surely leads towards the new developments into the story.

When all viewers were hoping that finally Khalil & Shanno are going to marry then at the same time a person told to Amin about the place where Khalil & Shanno stayed. Amin, Mushtaq & his father all reached at the exact place & they caught to Doctor, Shanno’s uncle & other persons. Then they make an announcement for Khalil & Shanno. In this announcement they order to Khalil & Shanno “come outside as soon as possible because your near & dear are arrested by the police”. Khalil take a gun (full of bullets) from a person & come out safely. Khalil caught to Mushtaq & keep his gun on Mushtaq’s head & then order to everyone “drop your guns now & leave my fellows”.

Khalil take the keys of jeep from Mushtaq’s father & he also take Mushtaq with himself & go away with Shanno. Viewers, surely, enjoyed the scene when the groom Mushtaq turned into a submissive Driver. Khalil orders to Mushtaq “drive the jeep & go to Lahore nonstop. But instead of going Lahore they go into the mosque of village for Nikkha. I think the plan may be changed during the journey or maybe it’s a mistake by writer or director.

Khalil lock Mushtaq into the jeep & enters into the mosque with Shanno. Khalil asked for Nikkha from Molvi Saab. Molvi Saab agreed & in the presence of witnesses finally Shanno & Khalil are going to tie knot but t the same time a person reached at Shanno’s home & told to Rasheeda that both Khalil & Shanno are going to marry into the village mosque. This is really a great surprise for Rasheeda. Finally, Rasheeda play his trump card & decide to suicide by hanging herself with ceiling fan by using rope.

Her little daughter try to stops her but she said “stop Khalil & Shanno from Nikkha then I will not commit suicide”. A daughter of Rasheeda reached into the Mosque at the same time when Shanno is going to say “yes” for Nikkha & told to Shanno that “our mother is committing suicide”. Shanno stands up from the place & run towards the home so that she can stop her mother. Khalil also run behind Shanno & both reached at the home & stops Rasheeda. Rasheeda finally said to Khalil “promised me you will never marry with Shanno without my permission”.

Khalil promised from Rasheeda by saying “ok”. He also promised that “I will never come into your home to meet with Shanno”. Finally, Rasheeda brings a shocking & interesting twist into the story at the end of this episode. Here we come to know that passing in a love game is not as easy as it seemed.

We all know that Shanno is submissive, caring & obedient daughter of her parents. She loves her mother & Khalil loves Shanno a lot. It is an obvious fact that you starts to fall in Love with all those element, persons & things that are being loved by the person whom you loved a lot. The same case is with Khalil. But I think instead of Khalil, Shanno better knows her mother. I think giving words to Rasheeda is not more than a stupidity. The praiseworthy performance by every character of this drama made this episode really very interesting & exciting. This is the review of the 18 episode of Sadqay Tumhare. Now Share your thoughts & guesses (if any) about this drama!

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