Review of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 20

| February 23, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare-Episode 20

This episode emphasizes on the character of Bay Jee & the importance of her decision. Rasheeda with her husband Amin reached at the home of Bay Jee so that they can take Shanno with themselves. But Bay Jee & Abdur-Rehman never allow Rasheeda to take her daughter with herself because they never believe on Rasheeda. Shanno also never want to go with her parents. Once again, on the request of Rasheeda, Amin go at Bay Jee home so that he can bring her daughter back at home.

This time Amin seemed quite changed. Furthermore, Amin accepts the proposal of Khalil for Shanno even he is ready to give his words by keeping his hands on the Holy Quran. Bay Jee & Abdur-Rehman feels that Amin is looking quite sincere that’s why they allow Shanno to go back with her father. Although Shanno never want to go back yet she obeys the decision of Bay Jee & goes away with her father.

Amin told truth to Shanno that “your mother sends me so that I can bring you back on any cost but believe me this time I am very sincere with you”. He told to Shanno that “now you will marry only with Khalil & that’s my promise with you”. Shanno knows that her father is sincere with her but she can never believe on the people such as her mother who try to change the decision of Amin.

When Khalil comes to know that, Shanno has gone back with her father because of the decision of Bay Jee then he suddenly bursts like a balloon because according to Khalil “how Bay Jee & his father can believe on the words of Amin.

No doubt that this episode the dialogues spoken by the Bay Jee are really very clear & interesting. The delivery of dialogues is really very flawless. I never like the fake driving scene which is done into the car by Amin & Shanno when Amin was taking Shanno back at home. Rasheeda is seemed a lady who never tries to justify her mistakes & thinking but she is ready for objection on other’s thinking. All characters are seemed quite flawless.

This episode consists on lots of interesting & heart touching dialogues that needed to be quoted again & again such as Bay Jee’s dialogue “Dil tu krta hy tery moun py chapair marun Rasheeda pr tera moun tu meri chapair k qabil bi nahi”. Overall, it is a good episode. The preview of the next episode is also quite interesting. So, don’t forget to read the review of the 21st Episode of Sadqay Tumhare.

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