Review of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 22

| March 7, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare-Episode 22

This episode is also very interesting & made me to look onward. This episode emphasizes on two key points. First one is Amin suddenly paralyzed & now he is admitted into the hospital. Doctor Maqsood is providing treatment to Amin. When Khalil & his father Abdur-Rehman were going back to Lahore, after fixing the date of wedding, then they come to know that Shanno’s father is seriously ill & admitted into the hospital.

Then they go into the Hospital instead of going back Lahore. Rasheeda & Bay Jee also present into the Hospital. Amin was seriously ill but later doctor said that “it was a serious attack of paralyzes but now he is stable but his body is completely paralyzed”. Bay Jee go back at Rasheeda home with Khalil while Rasheeda stops Abdur-Rehman in hospital. In this way Rasheeda gets the chance to talk with Abdur-Rehman. She never miss the chance & express all of her feeling before Abdur-Rehman that she have in her heart for him.

Abdur very clearly told her that “time has gone now I am very happy with Inayat so you should never think like this” but Rasheeda is not ready to accept all this. Yes it’s true she is now totally blind in her love feelings that she has for Abdur-Rehman even she never care for Amin who is seriously ill. She express very clearly before Abdur-Rehman that “I never like Amin”. She comments about Amin “na moun na matha jiewen Jin paharon latha”.

It is only Rasheeda who blackmails to everyone. She hurt her daughter, she hurt her husband, she hate her sister Inayat but there is no fault from the side of Inayat it is only Rasheeda who ruined the life of her sister by making a relation with her sister’s husband (brother-in-law). Rasheeda loves only herself & she never care about other & their happiness. She is a self loving lady.

I think Amin can never bear the fact that his wife love to her ex-fiancé & becomes paralyzed. Rasheeda couples of years with Amin & she is the mother of his kids still she is behaving like a teenager who loves her ex-Fiancé. She never feels any kind of ashamed when she expresses her feeling before Amin as well as before Abdur-Rehman.

Rasheeda is trying to steal Abdur-Rehman from her sister Inayat. Rasheeda is responsible for this miserable condition of Amin. Rasheeda very clearly told to Abdu-Rehman that I want to take a new start of life with you. But Abdur-Rehman still forces Rasheeda to open eyes, check the reality & be sensible. As we know that Doctor Maqsood works in the same hospital where Amin is admitted that’s why he is observing Rasheeda & Abdur-Rehman closeness.

The second interesting point in this episode is the changing behavior of Humaira. Yes, Humiara (the best friend of Shanno) is trying to betray Shanno. In the previous episode we saw that Khalil is proposing Humiara but it is only an imagination from the side of Humiara. Humiara is watching a dream & in this dream she saw that Khalil propose her & want to marry her. This dream signifies that feelings of Humiara that she has for Khalil in her heart.

Humiara reach at Shanno’s home in the early morning & said her that “A saint told me that if you want to save the life of your father then you should never marry with Khalil”. Humiara further said to Shanno “you should make a vow of not to marry with Khalil because in thi way you can save your father’s life”. Shanno acts upon the suggestion of Humiara & visit a nearly located “darbaar” & makes a vow.

In this scene the smiling face of Humiara was looking very disgraceful. The dialogues which is spoken by Humiara when she was reading the letter of Khalil “us ke khat parh kr mohabbat ho jati hy us sy” reveals very clearly her changing feelings for Khalil. The way Humiara behaves when Khalil comes at Shanno’s home with Bay Jee is really very disgusting. Khalil talks polite with Humiara only because Shanno loves her. He loves to every person whom Shanno love.

This episode is dramatized well.  All characters are doing their jobs flawlessly. I hope that the trust that Shanno has on Khalil & Khalil has on Shanno will long last.  Shanno has only one friend whom she her feelings & secrets but this friend also turned a foe of Shanno.

I think Amin’s sudden paralyzes will stop the upcoming marriage of Shanno as well as the vow that made by Shanno will also become a hurdle into the way of marriage. Let see what happened!

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Sadqay Tumhare episode 22

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