Review of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 26

| April 4, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare Review-Episode 26

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I must say that the team of Sadqay Tumhare is doing brilliant job. The episode of 26 is another amazing episode with flawless acting of each actress & actor. There are lots of happenings in this episode. First one is that Khalil knows everything about the past of his parent’s life which Shanno told him into the previous episode. Inayat (the mother of Khalil) is worried due to the strange behavior of Khalil because Khalil never like to talk with any one, he only concentrate on the study plus he never go into the village of Shanno for meeting her.

Khalil’s father (actually step father) Abdur-Rehman when talks with him then Khalil finally ask from him “whether I am your son or not?”They both share a strong bond with each other that’s why Khalil cannot stop himself from talking with Abdur-Rehman. Firstly, Khalil decided to keep his feeling only to himself but he cannot do this. Now, he knows every piece of fact. Khalil is feeling guilty on being a son of a person who did a shameless thing in the past & ruined the lives of peoples.

Now, Khalil is thinking that “Kismt ny faysla kr liya hy k aatharaa saal pehly jis ny bi zulum kiya tha us ko saaza mily gi”. He thinks that he deserved punishment. Into the previous episode, Shanno stops Khalil from coming into her home; she said to Khalil that “you should concentrate on your studies”. So now Khalil is doing the same that Shanno said to him.

On the other hand another big thing that happens in thi episode is that Humaira writes a letter to Khalil & express her emotions for him plus she wants to meet him. Khalil write a letter & in this Letter he said to her that “I am coming to meet you”. When Humaira was receiving the letter from Postman then Shanno was standing on the roof & I like the winning smile of Shanno. This Smile actually signifies that Shanno still believes on Khalil. After reading the letter Humaira becomes happy & go to meet Khalil. Khalil comes into the village with his mother Inayat. He left his mother at the door of Shanno & go away by saying “you can go inside but I am not”.

Now at one side Khalil meet with Humaira while on the other hand Inayat meet with Rasheeda. Khalil very clearly told Humaira about his feelings for her. He told her that “I hug you because I consider you like my sister”. From the conversation of Khalil from Humiara we come to know that Khali’s intensions were pure.

The scene between Rasheeda & Inayat is done very well. The two were brilliant.  I like the Sumayia Mumtaz’s acting very much. Rasheeda consider that “It is only Inayat who ruined her life” while on the other Inayat thinks that “it is only Rasheeda who ruined her life”. Inayat had taken a start of her life after marrying with Abdur-Rehman while Rasheeda even after marrying with Amin still stick on the phase of life where her life stops (due to her own shameless deed). Rasheeda is not considering herself responsible for all this.

I like the flawless expression of Shanno when she brings tea for Inayat & to listens the bitter talk of duo (Rasheeda & Inayat). I like the Shanno’s dialogues that “Murney bicharny ka koi tu bahaana hota hy na”. Shanno thinks that Khalil should never waste his life after her. She wants to see him like a shining star.

Overall, it was a good episode with brilliant acting of each star. After watching this episode, I am still confused about where the story will take its characters. Let’s wait & watch!

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