Review of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 9

| December 8, 2014

Story of Sadqay Tumhare

In this episode, once again viewers come to know “how much Khalil & Shanno are in love with each other”. They both make sure that they love each other madly. Let’s have a review!

Shanno bandage Khalil’s wound, at the same time, Taya Jee came there & the way he told to all “Char lasshen Dal ky ayah hon Do hospital me hen & do jiraah ka pass” is really very appreciable. Doctor Maqsood also comes there. In this episode the dialogue delivery was good & direction was too. Dialogues were written beautifully by Khalil-ur-Rehman.

When Shanno’s father comes back, then the way the tanga wala told story to Amin is really very amusing. Firstly, the Tanga Wala told him the part of the story that he actually wants to listen (Fiyaz & his friends hit to Khalil) & later he told how nicely Khalil deal with them which is really shocking & surprising for Amin (Shanno’s father).

Now at one side Shanno’s father talk with Khalil to go away from here as soon as possible while on the other hand he talked with her daughter to stay away from Khalil but Shanno very clearly told her father that “she will not marry with anyone other than Khalil”. In her talk with her parents, she reveals clearly that “she respects her parents but she loves Khalil forever even without getting married with him”.

Her father very clearly told her that “there is no chance of your marriage with Khalil” but Shanno also told very clearly that she don’t care whether she will marry with him or not but she will love him forever. I like the dialogues of Shanno’s mother “Kiya Nazar agaya hy us me” & Shanno’s replied “us sy bi tu pocho usy kya nazar agaya hy mujh me”. On the other hand Khalil very clearly reveals that “Jan dy don Ga Shanno kisi ko nae don ga”.

In the early morning, when Shanno was talking with her mother then her mother beat a bread-making metallic tool on her wrist which annoyed Khalil a lot but he controls himself because Doctor Maqsood said him that “She is her mother so she has the right to beat her”.

On the request of her father, Shanno said to Khalil “Abi chaly jao phir kal parson a jana” & Khalil shows his submission on her order. No doubt that Mahira Khan has won the heart of drama lovers. Adnan Malik is also doing his job very well. It is a good team work. Molvi Saab also comes there & says to Khalil “Hug everyone & be calm”.

On molvi Saab request Khalil say sorry to the boys whom he beat & hugs with them. Before going to Lahore, Khalil meet with Khala (mother of Shanno) & asked “why you are not agree for this relation?”, she replied to him “ask from your father” but before going Khalil very clearly told his Khala that he will come back soon only for Shanno.

Overall, we can that this episode gives a totally new meaning to the story. Now it’s as Heer Ranjha or Laila Majno love story with good plot.  When I watch this episode I feel like I am detached from my environs. Every character with brilliant performance won my heart.

Supporting characters such as Irfan Khoosat (as tanga wala) and Qavi Khan (as Molvi Saab) are like dream characters “gracious, loving, polite & gentle”. Rasheeda (Shanno’s mother) as a vicious mother is looking different & awe-some. Overall, it was a good & flawless episode. Do you like it? Share your thoughts with us!

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