Review of Zidd Episode 4

| January 15, 2015

Zidd Story of Episode 4

This episode is again full of lots of interesting scenes. The latest happenings of this episode are, firstly we come to know that Umer is a married person & has gave divorced to her first wife. Umer’s family told this fact to Saman’s family very clearly before the Marriage. But Saman’s family hides this fact from Saman.

Saman is a girl who wants transparency in every matter. She is an honest girl. She demands honesty in every matte but her family betrayed her trust. Saman very clearly told about her two broken engagement to Umer.

On the other hand Umer thinks that may be Saman’s parents has already told her about his past marriage. It was too late when Umer came to know that Saman’s family hides the fact of his previous marriage from Saman. Saman is a girl who is trapped by the hands of her own family. I feel very pity for her. Whenever I saw Appu then I feel very bad because she is lady who always praises Umer & his family. She is a lady who brings this proposal for Saman.

Saman belongs from a well-off family. Then why her parents are in hurry for her marriage? I think they can easily afford the burden of their daughter. She is a well educated & working lady then why her family is worry about her marriage.

When Saman broke her two engagements (because she thinks that her mentality never match with the guy whom she will be going to marry) then I think her parents could easily understand the fact that she is a girl who never wants to marry. But what we can do now because Saman has signed the marriage contract with Umer.

I agree that Saman is a difficult & complex girl but she only demand transparency. I also know that in the past she put her parents into awkward situation by broking her engagements & they also face embarrassing situations because according to them Saman takes irrational decisions. I think Saman is now not bearable & tolerable for her family that’s her parents including her brother Raza decided to marry her as soon as possible.

So, they say yes for Umer’s Proposal, hide the big fact from her & finally, Saman got married with Umer. Now Saman knows all the fact about Umer & his previous marriage. She also came to know that her parents & brother know this fact before marriage. She is feeling upset because her own family members hide this fact from her. Saman is showing totally an indifferent behavior towards her family as we as towards Umer. Let what will happen into the upcoming episode!

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