Review of Zidd Episodes 6 & 7

| February 6, 2015

Hum TV Drama Zidd Episodes 6 & 7 Review

Umer is trying his best in order to make his marriage successful. He is trying to bring Saman towards the normal life but Saman is still stick on her “Zidd”. Whenever Umer & Saman talks, then their talk must ends on the discussion of previous relationships such as Umer’s first broken wedding & Saman’s broken engagement. I think if they both want to move ahead then they should stops the discussion about the past.

Past has gone now future is waiting for them & by spending their present time happily they can collect some memories as good past & can make their future pleasant. Another thing that is quite unclear till now is that Umer’s character has two sides because at some times he shows himself as one of sweetest husband but next time he turns out to be a rude & extremely odd husband. Saman is also thinking to leave Umer but I think Saman you should take some time to Umer as well as to yourself.

If we talk about the character of Nonsheen Shah then it right to say that she is girl who ruined her life with her own hand. We find out that, she is girl who left her studies incomplete & now she is jobless. But the surprising point is that even she is jobless still she lives in a well-decorated apartment. How it is possible? The scenes about a Pakistani student are still ambiguous. It is still a secret about what connection Saman’s Character share with this Character? Saman also met with David & discuss about how she has left Umer. When they both meet previously then I think there are no expression of meeting once again? They also never exchange any contact numbers? But Saman meets with him & not only met but also told him about her separation from her husband.

Saman’s character is getting closure to the Qasim Uncle’s Character. Saman respect Qasim Uncle a lot. They both share a daughter & father like figure. She mostly get advises from Qasim Uncle. The daughter of Qasim, “Rukhi” likes David but Qasim is not ready to accept this proposal.

I think Saman is a girl who is very active, head string & well-educated then why she is wandering aimlessly into the streets. I think she can find a job. She is an independent girl & likes independence then why she is showing the behavior of a girl who is finding a shelter home?

Lots of new characters introduced in this dramas & the preview of the next episodes tells us the some more new characters will surely be introduces. Lots of things are seems quite meaningless. What’s your opinion? Share your thoughts with us!

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