Rocking Photo Shoot of the Wedding Reception of Farhan Saeed and Urwa Farhan

| December 20, 2016

Full of blast and merry making event finally took place after a long series of traditional ceremonies and events, Urwa and Farhan had tied the knot. From the photo shoot one can well imagine how the wedding ceremony would be. Here we have photo shoot of Urwa and Farhan wedding reception. At the wedding reception both the bridal and groom were looking stunning and their happiness can be seen in the picture. Many celebrities are sported on the event and all of them rock on the floor to make the ceremony rocking one.
Farhan Saeed was sported dancing on the floor. Here we can see him doing solo dance. And it is ought to be at last successfully he has gained what he desired. He has got his love and his inner happiness and joy really knew no bounds. Farhan is looking ravishing wearing three piece suit accompanied with weskit.


Farhan; sister and sister in law were also there to accompany him. His sister is looking gorgeous and she also danced with his husband. Here in the picture both the couple can be seen doing fun on song wearing sunglass.


Now get ready to see the most Bindass bridal you may have ever seen in your life. Urwa fully rocked the function, instead of doing dance herself she also encouraged others with shouting as it is shown in picture.


Sported a very elegant dress Urwa was looking damn gorgeous and her height and physic was looking outstanding in this outfit. Dull gold color dress has suited her very much and her amazing necklace and earrings are complementing her dress. Necklace is looking more dazzling on off-shoulder dress.
Our own Mawra khan is looking fabulous with her red color outfit and she was looking very happy for her sister. Here is a picture we have in which the newly married couple is standing with sister and brother of Urwa.


Many of the pictures can be seen here in which couple are looking heavenly beautiful and made for each other. In all solo photos and in group photos they are looking commendable and in full mood to rock the night.

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