Sadqay Tumhare Hum TV Drama Episode 1 Review

| October 24, 2014

Sadqay Tumhare Story of Episode 1:

This is a new drama serial which is aired on Hum TV at 08:00 pm on every Friday. Its director is Ehteshamuddin & writer is Khalil-ul-Rehman Qamar. Mahira Khan & Adnan Malik are playing leading role in this drama. In this drama serial you can see Mahira Khan as Shanno, Adnan Malik as Khalil, Samiya Mumtaz as Shanno’s mother, Rehan Sheikh as Shanno’s father, Farhan Ali Agha as Khalil’s father, Shamil Khan as Maqsood, Saniya Shamshad as Humaira, Naghma Beghum, Arfan Khoosat & some others.

In the first episode we see that the story revolve around the love story of Shanno (Mahira Khan) & Khalil (Adnan Malik). The story is settled in the period of 70’s. The father of Khalil is a mechanic & lives in a village but with the growing needs of family he decided to move from village to city (Lahore). In this city, he starts his own business & soon become a Millionaire while on the other hand Shanno’s family live in a village.

Shanno’s & Khalil both are engaged from their childhood but both has not seen each other since the last 10 years. In first episode we saw that Khalil rebukes all memories that he has about the Village girl Shanno. He considers her a typical & shy village girl. He doesn’t like her. On the other hand Shanno is blindly in love with him (her fiancé Khalil). Shanno’s family is also thinking of breaking this engagement.

Furthermore, it is shown in this serial that a wedding is going to be held in a village in which both families (Shanno’s Family & Khalil’s family) are invited. Shanno is ready to attend this wedding because she thinks that may be Khalil will come there with his family on the other hand Khalil refused for attending this wedding.

Then in the last I further saw that Shanno was offering her prayer when her friend come into her room & offer her to go with her on a “Derbaar” or “Mizzar” where she make a religious vow about her fiancé. On the hand at the same time, Khalil (when he is sleeping) saw her in his dream. Soon, he scared &woke up. He goes to her mother & told about the dream. He further told about the girl whom he saw in his dream but the face of the girl is not very clear he only saw a mole on her chin. He told this identity to his mother & asks “Kis larki ki Thori per Til Hy?” her sister replied “Shanno ki”. He immediately decided to go into the wedding function which will going to be held in the village. Let see what happened in the next episode whether both Shanno & Khalil meets with each other or not? If meet then whether Khalil’s point of view about Shanno will change or not?

1 Sadqay Tumhare Drama

drama serial Sadqay Tumhare Episode 1 drama serial Sadqay Tumhare Episode 1 (1)

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