Sadqay Tumhare Hum TV Drama Episode 16

| January 24, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 16 Review

As I told you that Khalil want to meet with Shanno while Shanno’s father Amin order his daughter Shanno not go outside from the home. But Shanno like a true lover go outside from home so that she can meet Khalil. Shanno’s sisters help her in order to go outside. When Shanno meet with Khalil then Khalil express his wish to marry with her as soon as it is possible. Khalil parents know that Khalil is going to marry with Shanno while Shanno’s parents are unaware from this plan. Shanno, finally say ‘yes’ to marry with Khalil even without the permission of her parents.

Although she is not happy on this decision but I am happy because now it’s the right time when Khalil & Shanno both are talking right decision by keeping the reality into the mind. They all such as Khalil, Doctor Maqsood, Shanno & other relatives gathers at the master jee home & decide about marriage. Shanno go back home while Khalil go at the Bi-Jee home & Bi-Jee also support the decision of Shanno & Khalil marriage.

When Shanno go back home then her father Amin caught her & ask her “from where you are coming at late night”. Rasheeda also starts to beat her daughter very badly.

In the morning, Mushtaq come at Shanno’s home with his mother (his mother looks quite young). He brings his proposal for Shanno. At first, Rasheeda shocked but later she feels it’s the right time to accept this proposal because in this way she can take revenge from Abdur-Rehman. But Shanno acts very weirdly before Mushtaq & his mother. She very clearly told them about her love for Khalil & her meeting with Khalil at late night. At first, Mustaq’s mother refuses from accepting Shanno as her son’s wife-to-be.  But later on, when Mushtaq insists then she says yes. Now, Rasheeda has fixed the marriage of Shanno with Mushtaq at night time while on the other hand Khalil is also going to marry with Shanno on the same night. Let see whether Shanno will go outside from the home on this night or not?

Amin is not a sort of person who planned something harmful or bad about his daughters. He only wants to see everyone happy. He is cute but Rasheeda is trapping him by telling lots lies with him about Abdur-Rehman& by twisting various facts into falsification. Amin is only acting upon the instruction of his wife Rasheeda because he blindly loves her. Rasheeda is really a very bad mother because she is ready to marry Shanno with a bad character guy (Mushtaq).

Shanno is really very headstrong & willful like her mother because mother never wants to see her daughter with Khalil while daughter Shanno is doing everything only for her love Khalil. Shanno is happy when Khalil is happy & she is upset when Khalil. Shanno always want to keep herself in touch with Khalil & same is from the side of Khalil. Khalil underhand the fact that sooner or later Shanno’s parents will marry their daughter to someone so he takes this decision but he knows Shanno’s is upset on this decision but now only this way is left for them.

Only Bi-Jee is ready with heart for this Nikkha of Shanno & Khalil while some of their relative such as the “Mamo” of Shanno is not ready for this secret marriage. Hopefully, this Mamo will never try something wrong in order to stop this Nikkha (Finger-crossed). Director presents this drama with shorter but meaningful & direct scene. It is really good to see Shanno’s character on the screen on every Friday’s night. Waiting for upcoming episode!

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