Sadqay Tumhare Hum TV Drama- Review of Episode 24

| March 23, 2015

Review of Sadqay Tumhare-Episode 24

This is another very outstanding episode of Sadqay Tumhare. Every character of this drama is performing well. The acting of each character is done very well & flawlessly. Especially, I like to praise the character of Resheeda (performed by Samiya Mumtaz). She is portraying the character of Rasheeda very brilliantly. What about Shanno’s & Khalil’s character? Yes both are also outstanding.

In this episode we find out the, finally, Abdur-ur-Rehman takes a decision to go back Lahore. It means that the relationship which Rasheeda was trying to establish with Abdur-ur-Rehman in the last episode, finally, comes to an end into this episode. I like the scene in which Resheeda looks herself into the mirror & lost in to the past but only after few moment she once again come back & become the same Rasheeda (as we are watching from 1st episode). Rasheeda is waiting for Amin’s death so that she can once again take a start of her life by marrying with Abdur-ur-Rehman. She wants to take a start of her life from the point where her love story was broken up in the past.

On the other hand Inayat (the sister of Rasheeda) knows the fact very well that Abdur-ur-Rehman married with her only because he want to give punishment to Rasheeda (for her misdeed).

No doubt that Sadqay Tumhare is a story that always full of with lots of twists & turns. I like another scene of this episode in which Shanno narrate the story of her mother before Khalil. The way of narration is really very inspiring. This story narration also helps us in order to understand the character of Rasheeda & the behavior of Rasheeda towards Khalil & Abdur-ur-Rehman.

Now let’s move towards the track of Humaira & Khalil. I really want it to an end soon because I never like this behavior from the side of Humaira. Khalil should also try to share this changing behavior with Shanno. In this Episode we find out that when Humaira had severe difficulty in breathing then Khalil did exactly what she did with Khalil in the previous episode when Khalil was feeling severity in breathing.

Let’s wait & watch what happened with the love story of Shanno & Khalil because with every passing episode the things are becoming very complex & complicated. I think it’s the time to wrap up the unsolved stories because if the drama continuously moves on the same track then viewers can become fed up from it. Hopefully, the next episode will be blockbuster & lead the story track towards climax. Fingers are crossed!

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