Sadqay Tumhare, Hum TV Popular Drama, Review of Episode 10, Cast, Mahira Khan & Adnan Malik

| December 13, 2014

Sadqay Tumhare 10th Episode

This episode is all about Shanno’s mother. Most of the scenes are about “how bitterly she talked about Khalil, his step-father & mother”. She is ready to take revenge from her sister & brother-in-law by using her daughter Shanno & her nephew Khalil.

In this episode we once again come to know that Rasheeda cheats her sister by flirting with her sister’s first husband. Because of this all situation, Rasheeda’s fiancée broke engagement with Rasheeda & nothing left for Rasheeda’s sister except to re-marry with Rasheeda’s fiancée.

Now Rasheeda wants to take revenge from her former fiancée & sister. That’s why she trying to become a great hurdle in the love of Shanno & Khalil. She is not thinking about her daughter’s happiness. I think she should pay some attention towards her husband, her son & daughters instead of thinking bitterly about her past. Let’ see for how long time this fire of revenge will burn in the heart of Rasheeda. Rasheeda is becoming blind in the fire of revenge without knowing that if she will be successes even then she will be empty.

Temporarily, the family of Fiyaaz is much afraid from this incident (fight of Khalil with Fiyaaz).  Fiyaaz’s family refused from marriage of Fiyaaz with Shanno due to the fear of Khalil. Fiyaaz mother said to Shanno’s father that “your wife is trying to take revenge from Khalil’s step father” she further suggest him that you wife should never do this with Shanno & Khalil.

Now Shanno’s father asked from his wife Rasheeda “why you are refusing from the proposal of Khalil, he is a nice person”. Rasheeda replied that “Bus me ny nahi krni mera dil mutmaein nahi hy”.

When Khalil was sitting with Shanno on roof & helping Shanno in solving math’s questions then Shanno’s father asks from doctor Maqsood “why he come here & what’s going on between Shanno & Khalil on the roof” then Doctor Maqsood clarify very softly that Khalil is very respectable towards Shanno & don’t worry he is only helping her in order to solve math’s questions. On the other hand when Shanno’s father said to his wife Rasheeda “go on the roof & check out what’s going on” then his wife replied very bitterly “aj usy (Shanno) achi tarha parh hi leny do”.

Overall this was a good piece of episode with awesome acting by Sumaiya Mumtaz as Rasheeda. Once again the credit goes to all team of “Sadqay Tumhare” for such a brilliant episode.

Sadqay Tumhare

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