Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 19

| February 16, 2015

Review-Sadqay Tumhare Episode 19

Episode 19 of Sadqay Tumhare is all about the new developments in this drama. When Khalil promised to Rasheeda that he will never meet with Shanno then it seems as the love story of Shanno & Khalil ends here but this episode once again plays a vital role in order to bring a new twist into their love story. In this episode, we find out that Khalil go to the police station with Mushtaq & Police arrest to Khalil & later Molvi Saab come there so that he can help Khalil but Mushtaq’s father talk very bitterly with Molvi Saab & starts to beat Khalil but when a constable told to Amin that “Khalil has left Shanno at your home” then Amin Said to Mushtaq’s father “stop to beat him” but Mushtaq’s father never stops.

Furthermore, Shanno’s family takes all this matter into the court (Shanno’s kidnapping case against Khalil). Amin & Rasheeda try to pressurize Shanno that “you will be a witness against Khalil into the court”, first of all Shanno told her father about the suicide drama of her mother & then she said that “I will obey you if you will promise that you will never marry me with anyone”.  Her father promises her & ensures his promise by keeping his hand on the head of Rasheeda. When Shanno come into the court then she proves herself very sincere by speaking only truth.

She told each & everything to the Judge. According to the decision of court Mushtaq’s father apni thanydari sy hath dho bethta hy. Judge said to Shanno & Khalil that you should wait for some years before marriage so that you can complete your education plus you can think about your decision again. Judge also asked from Shanno “whether you want to go with your parents or you like to live in a women shelter?” but Shanno replied that “I want to live at my grand-mother’s home”.

Now Shanno is living at her Nanni’s home. In the last scene we saw that Amin & Rasheeda come there & here the drama ends. I think that Amin & Rasheeda once again trying to emotionalize their daughter Shanno. On the other hand, Khalil’s mother said to Khalil that “when Shanno can stick on her decision then you should also stand strong against everyone who will come into your path of love”.

When Abdul-Rehman said to the lawyer that “you should be go with the verdict of Shanno because wo us k bayaan k khilaaf kuch nhi sunney ga chahy usy phansi hi ho jye”. It shows very clearly about the respectful feelings that Khalil have for Shanno. No doubt that Samiya Mumtaz’s acting is really very flawless & her facial expression into the court were priceless when Shanno said that “jhoot moot ki phansi ly lit thi”.

In this episode we find out that Mushtaq is also convinced by the true love of Shanno & Khalil that’s why he try to stops his father from beating to Khalil but his father never stops. Nanni’s character is really very amazing. She is like a supportive pillar for Shanno & Khalil’s love. This is a review of the 19 episode. The preview of the next episode is also very interesting because according to this preview Rasheeda will be trying to play her bad games. Let me know with your guesses & thoughts about this drama!

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