Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 2

| October 24, 2014

Drama “Sadqay Tumhare” Episode 2

The first episode of Hum TV Drama “Sadqay Tumhare” hits a sixer because almost it is liked by every viewer. This Hum TV drama serial is well written by Khalil-ul-Rehman Qamar & directed by the Ehteshamuddin.  In this serial Mahira Khan (as Shanno) & Adnan Malik (as Khalil) are playing the leading role.

In second episode we saw that both families start a journey from their homes so that they can reach into the village where the wedding of Shanno’s & Khalil’s cousin is going to be held. She (Shanno) comes with her family in a passenger car while he (Khalil) & his family came via bus & then into a “tangaa”. Their relatives welcome the both families with great love & affection as happens in real life when Pakistani families meet with each other. Khalil knows that Shanno also comes with her family & Shanno knows that Khalil is also here but both never meet & saw each other until.

Moreover, we know that Khalil comes in this wedding only because he wants to meet Shanno. But because of its arrogance & egoism he not admits this fact. In further scene we saw that he never like to eat “beef” although his family advised him to keep his “Nakhraas” down as well yet he cannot become submissive for a long period of time & show his dislikes about beef. Then he demand “Makaie ki Roti with Saag”. Soon we saw his dislikes about Punjabi songs. Then a lady said to Shanno to make “Roti” for Khalil but Shanno’s mother stops her daughter from making “Roti”.

Again Khalil refused from eating “Roti” because these were no made by Shanno. A lady comes in a room, where all girls are sitting & singing songs, she declared that Khalil is not eating “Roti” because these are thick. Now once again Shanno’s mother feels shame because she stops her daughter from this task. Shanno immediate stood & take the duty of making “Roti” for Khalil very subtly. In the last scene Shanno is singing a song & Khalil is become very much curious about the voice of the girl.

Shanno is very much excited because now the chance of her meeting with Khalil has increased but she is tied because of her parents’ wishes. She is an obedient daughter. She is a girl who lives in her own world of dreams. The role of Dr Maqsood is also very delicate. He is showing the personality of a mature, soft & rational person.

This drama is actually depicting the wonderful culture & civilization of the Pakistan history. All fabulous artists are doing their jobs very well. Let’s wait & watch what happened in the 3rd episode.

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