Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 3

| October 30, 2014

Story of 3rd Episode of Sadqay Tumhare

In 3rd episode finally Shanno met with Khalil & Khalil fall in love with her (love in pheli nazar me). Both Mahira Khan & Adnan Malik are doing their jobs very well. The direction & story is also very good. With passing episode the curiosity about the relationship of Shanno & Khalil is increasing more & more. This episode was start from the scene of meal. Too much importance meal was given to Khalil’s meal. Shanno prepare the meal & give to a girl so that the girl can take it to the roof where Khalil is sitting with Doctor. But Khalil refused from eating. The girl told Shanno that Khalil is never eating his meal. This scene is totally highlighting the anger & egotism qualities of Khalil’s character.

Another impressive scene of this episode was when Khalil’s father reaches at Haweylii of Village & Shanno met him. Shanno is trying her best in order to maintain the balance between both families (by preparing meal for Khalil & by greeting her uncle father of Khalil). Shanno knows well how she should respect her elders, parents & relatives.

In another scene we saw that a relative talked from Khalil’s father & said him that he should talk with Shanno’s father about the engagement of Shanno & Khalil. But Khalil’s father is thinking that it was already done in the past when both were kids. But his relative advised him that at least once he should talk with her father.  So finally Khalil’s father talked with Shanno’s father. But Shanno’s father not gives a satisfactory answer about the engagement of Shanno with Khalil. Shanno’s Father offer Khalil’s father to come at their home & then both families talk on this topic.

Then we saw that when Shanno is going with her mother & father in the car then Khalil is chasing the car & Shanno’s mother talked with Khalil & said him drive cycle carefully “Dehaan Kahan hy tumhara?” & Khalil replies “G Khala, poora dehaan hy mera”. Overall this episode is all about Shanno & Khalil. Furthermore, the relatives of both are also valuing their 10 years old engagement. Let wait for the next episode. Hope it will also amazing & full of truns & twists” especially when Khalil’s family go at Shanno’s home.

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 03!

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