Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 4

| November 5, 2014

Sadqay Tumhare story of Episode 4

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In this episode we once see the love f Khalil for Shanno. Khalil is fully lost in love. We saw how beautifully he makes a plan to meet with Shanno when he come to know that his parents & as well as Shanno’s parents are going on a relative home. When Khalil is playing cricket & his sixes after sixes are actually telling us his state of mind. He is also very curious about when his parents go on Shanno’s home.

Khalil reached at Shanno’s home via bus & then by “tanga”. When tangawala asked from him “where he want to go” then Khalil tell him the name of Shanno’s father but tangawala immediately replied “Are you Khalil”. Khalil is very much surprised by hearing his own name from this tangawala.

When Shanno’s parents go outside from home on a relative home then a cousin of Shanno is staying on her home. Shanno’s cousin is living at her home due to the instruction of his “Chacha g (Shanno’s father)”. We observe that this cousin of Shanno is also interested in her. All the time he tried to impress Shanno. On the other hand, Shanno always try to remember him that he is like a brother for her. Maira Khan’s acting as Shanno is really very impressive & she is doing her job very well.

Another striking scene was when Khalil reached at Shanno’s home & door is opened by Shanno’s cousin. The conversation between both & delivery of dialogues (Khalil said that “me Shanno ki khala ka beta hun”) was really very good.

I like the scene when Shanno’s parents are talking how they can separate Shanno from Khalil & Shanno (when she brings food for her parents) listen when his father says “Khalil mar jaye ga”. She reacts very angrily.

The conversation between Maqsood & Khalil is really very inspiring when Maqsood is trying to tell khalil that “Jis sy mohabbat ho jaye wo aisy nai milti jaisy tumhy subha ka nashta mil jata hy”. He further told him that there is a great need to control o your anger habit. Maqsood tell Khalil that pray from God if you want your love.

The conversation of Shanno with her friend tell us that why Rashida (the mother of Shanno) never like Khalil. Shanno told that in the past her mother Rashida was engaged with Khalil’s father but Khalil’s father broke this engagement because he want to marry with her sister (who is now the mother of Khalil). May be by rejecting Khalil Rashida wants to take revenge from her sister.

So overall we can say that in this episode we see lots of turns & twists. The conversations between Shanno & her friend, between Maqsood & Khalil, between Shanno’s mother & father all are really very notable.  Let see what happened in the next episode!
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