Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 5

| November 8, 2014

Hum TV Drama Sadqay Tumhare Episode 5

Well done to the team of Sadqay Tumhare for such a nice, well written & well-directed episode. Adnan Malik as Khalil & Mahira Khan as Shanno, the performance of both is really very fabulous & flawless. The chemistry between the couple makes this love story a delightful serial which every drama lover want to watch.  Each scene of this episode cherished to me. After watching this full episode I feel that I should watch it once again. Let’s have a review of it!

The dialogues between Shanno & Khalil, between Khalil & Shanno’s cousin, between Shanno & her mother, between Khalil & captain, all are short but precise. These short dialogues give us more about the characters. Khalil is at Shanno’s home & expressing his feeling for her by respecting her. We feel that Shanno & Khalil both are mad in love now. Shanno is making sure to Fiyaz that he is no more than a cousin. Khalil also said to Fiyaz that I am the fiancée of Shanno.

The talks among these three characters, Shanno, Khalil & Fiyaz, are actually showing that Fiyaz is no more than a “hadi in Kabab”. Finally Shanno said to Fiyaz leave the home because now Khalil is here for protecting her. Fiyaz go away but he also immediately call to his Chacha (the father of Shanno) & tell him about the existence of Khalil at home. The chacha jaan orders him (Fiyaz) to go back home & keep an eye of Khalil. So, Fiyaz take one of his friends with him & go once again at his Chacha jee home. The friend of Fiyaz is actually the fan of Khalil, so he takes the side of Khalil instead of Fiyaz.

Khalil actually afraids from Shanno’s anger, when he saw Shanno was showing his anger on his cousin Fiyaz. This scene amuses me a lot. We also saw that before going back home, Khalil give a letter to Shanno. In this letter he actually expresses his love for Shanno & wants a clear cut reply whether she loves with him or not? Shanno replied that “when you will send your parents (Khala Khalo) at my home then I will reply but Khalil said no I will wait for your letter & then I will send my parents on your home”. Now Khalil go back. We saw his wait for letter when he talks to a postman. Khalil said to the postman that if his letter will come from village doesn’t throw it into the letter box instead of it give the letter in my own hand. Postman demands 10 rupees from Khalil for this work but Khalil said I only receive 2 rupees of per day from my parents. So, the deal was final on 5 rupees. Let see whether Shanno will send a reply of letter to Khalil or not?

On the other hand we saw that Shanno parents came back. Shanno’s mother clearly told her that she should forget Khalil & never use his name with her name. But Shanno shows her feelings for Khalil by saying that “thek hy lekin phir koi mery name k sath bi fiyaz ka nam na ly”. Her mother said Shanno don’t talk like may be fiyaz will become your husband. But Shanno replies no it will never ever happen if it is then “me eik chutki zehar kha lon gi”. On such answer Shanno’s mothers slaps her. This all shows that how Shanno’s mother is becoming a “zalim Samaj” in Shanno’s love story.

Perfectly directed & beautifully written story “Sadqay Tumhare” is going good. Romance & humor both elements are very amazingly blended. So Shanno’s & Khalil love story is what that is actually delivered throw this drama. Let’s wait for the next episode!

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Sadqay Tumhare episode 5

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Sadqay Tumhare episode 5 (5)

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