Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 6

| November 15, 2014

Story of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 6

This episode was really amazing & thrilling. A great part of the story was unfolded in this episode. We come to know why Shanno’s mother said “Najaiez Rishta of Shanno with Khalil”. In this episode we come to know the past of Shanno’s mother & Khalil’s actual father. Both had an ugly & intricate relationship in the past. The current father of Khalil is not his actual father, but he is his step-father. Shanno’s mother was involved in her sister’s (mother of Khalil) first husband.

We see that how Shanno go to “Molvi Saab” & asked the “Maslaa” whether her marriage with Khalil possible or not? Molvi Saab replied “deehi rani ho sakta hy q nae ho sakta, sharaei lehaz sy tum logo k liye koi rukawat nae hy”.

On the other hand we saw that Khalil’s parent came on Shanno’s home for asking about the engagement or marriage of Shanno with Khalil. But Shanno’s father calls his elder brother (the father of Fiyaz). The father of Fiyaz (elder brother of Shanno’s father) refuse from giving the Shanno’s hand into the hand of Khalil & Shanno’s father follows his brother’s decision.

Now mother of Khalil moves to her own mother’s home (Nani I mean grandmother of Khalil) for getting a solution of this problem. Khalil’s nani said that how they can refuse from this proposal. She immediately go at Shanno’s home & ordered her son-in-law & daughter to say sorry to Khalil’s family & say yes for his proposal. At the same time Shanno enters & her father said to her “bol Shanno tujhy tery abaa g ki qasam aj bold y k tujhy Khalil pasand nae hy warna apny abaya ka mara mun dekhy gi” & Shanno immediately replies that “mujhy abaa g ki qasam hy bebe mujhy Khalil ky ilawa koi or pasand nae”.

On the other hand Khalil told all story of his meeting with Shanno & his stay in village. Khalil is still expecting a reply I mean letter from Shanno. Let see whether she will write a letter or not? So, this was the 6th episode of the Hum TV drama serial “Sadqay Tumhare”. It is 6th episode’s review. What’s yours?

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