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| April 11, 2015

Sadqay Tumhary reviews of last episode:

Very few dramas have such unpredictable ends as in showed in Sadqay Tumhary. I can’t stop myself to say that it was as real and genuine as life is. I know that many biggest fans of drama was annoyed by the end they were strongly disagree with me but I must say that very few drama has such strong end which reveal the life as it is. Most of people was expecting a tragic end but in favorable circumstances as both hero & heroine (khalil & shanoo) may die or their intense love may be change in mysticism. But it was so much touching and confusing as life is.

Script may be not as effective or moving but amazingly flawless acting of each character made it awesome. Drama was actually showed that destiny role over life. Man’s thoughts, his intensions, future plan and each thing can take a total change and confusing turn by destiny. Khalil and shanoo tied the knot with other persons. Khalil who has amazing confidence and believe at his love and relationship with suddenly change and married to another girl without any outer influence. All his spontaneous and restless emotions of love disappeared and he become a clam & mature man.

Shanno’s death was also unexpected. Their mutual love also expressed at end but in divine way. Doctor told the khalil that shanoo’s eyes were still open after death. it was great expression of helplessness and awfulness that shanoo’e eyes were still waiting for khalil. When khalil knows about her death his dialogue was also enormous expression of vulnerability and gloom he says “acha howa wo mar gai os ka jeena bi aik azab tha”.

At the depth of gloom and murk he shows her concern for shanoo. It means he was well aware that which kind of life shanoo was spending. His dialogue which he speaks in answer of reporter when she tolds him that whither he see shano as dead was also excellent and passionate expression of his intimate love and concern for shanoo. He says “acha howa os dafna diya agar main osy dekhta tow mar na jata” He expressed contentment at her death but can’ control his emotion when he hugged her beby gee and doctor.

Anyhow very watcher and fan of this drama has its on views but all are agreed at this fact that drama’s character, their handling with their roles, dialogues and their intensity were excellent.

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