Sana Askari With Her Husband and Baby in Nida Yasir Morning Show

| November 15, 2016

Actress Sana Askari is very beautiful having alluring eyes  and the sharp features she look so innocent when they act in different drama serials  ion the gentle role she is not so  aged  bun in which show she  goes  the show is full of happiness and smiles because she is very jolly and having frank nature  she was  invited in the Good Morning Pakistan  Nida  Yasir show  and she was come  with her  handsome husband and the cute little baby  the cute family  became the guest of the  Nida  and she shared all her  experiences and tell about their weight which is increase due to the delivery and pregnancy  but now she want to lose her weight   and they want to eat planned diet  that can help her in losing weight and  her husband says she only  says not do  but if she start then hardly two days use and then give up .in the Nida Yasir show  she has learned the way to make the  oil  and the other tips to save the babies from the ballad  and hair fall from the doctor Umme raheel and  a nice ghup shup with Sana is going on in the  10th  November morning .

Sana is a mother but she is so young and active her acting is so good but now days she is disappear  from the screen because  she was  busy  with her baby that is very little and so cute  the couple of the  Sana and Minhaj is very nice  and cute  both are in very simple dresses the  Sana  is wearing  very  casual dress like  black color  dress with paisley printing in brown shade and the Capri  and husband in the  jeans with plain shirt with leather jacket  they  do very interested  talks in the show and in the last Sana and his husband cut the cake  with their cute baby  and burst the party boomer and the balloons  with the voice of party boomer the baby become terrified so this was the  good morning  which  Sana and Minhaj  Ali Askari made it memorable if you want to see the Good morning  show pictures and picture  of Nida Yasir and the  Sana Askari then visit our  page  and see the pictures of Sana with her husband and cute little baby .

sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-1 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-2 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-3 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-4 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-5 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-6 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-7 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-8 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-9 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-10 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-11 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-12 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-13 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-14 sana-askari-with-her-husband-minhaj-ali-askari-and-little-baby-15

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