Shan and Ali Zafar Fight Of Words

| July 17, 2014

No doubt Ali Zafar and Shan both are remarkable and ionized personality not only in Pakistan Infact many other countries due to their hardworking and skills in film industry. But sometimes due to spoken word or behavior these famous celebrities circulate in news media and may scandalize. Like present affair of Ali zafar and Shan in Ary Film Awards. In which Shan represent his views for the Pakistani actors who worked for India in the words like they all were “cheap sell-outs” Shan was not much applauded by the audience as they was not very happy with his comments because many legend celebrities like Javed sheikh, Ali Zafar and Zeba Bakhtyar were in the audience who worked for India and these words are quite degrading and disrespectful.

And yes Ali Zafar is not one of those who keep quiets and let others talk any thing about him. So when he went to receive his award on stage He answered the Shan in the worlds like

“Hum doosri chezon ka sahara letay han apni khaamiyoon ko chupanay kay liye, patriotism kay naam pe, doosri cheezon kay naam pe…”

“I think we should be honest,hamein such bolna chahye..or wo wakt agya hai kay anay walay logon se such bola jaye”

And he also discourages Shan on his words that he should not have been disrespectful as we feel proud to work in other countries and encouraged from their peoples. The audience was happy and satisfied with Ali, s answer to Shan and represents their willingness in big round of applause

ali zafar in award show

Ali zafar listening shan,s word

shan in ary award show

shan picture

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