Shikwa Drama Episode 11 Review

| July 22, 2014

The episode of this drama serial aired on ARY digital is initiates with the accident of Adeel the younger brother of Meher which create quite anxious condition for all. Adeel,s mother reached to hospital at once with great tension but doctor represent normal results that no need to worried a lot he will be alright. And here Meher called her husband Saqib to inform him about the incident. After some time they Saqib and Meher reached to hospital.

Saqib consoled her and bring some food for all three ladies but not for him so Meher shows some kindness to her loving husband and asked him to share with her. I mean that was a positive change in her behavior. And here Mateen’s mother is not quite satisfied with all moving matters in his sons’s life especially about Meher.

Saqib is really helpful and generous person asked her bhabhi to go home as he is here to care of Adeel and Meher also prefer to stay with her husband. And this decision put positive impacts on their married life as she was impressed with the caring and possessive nature of Saqib about her family.

Next day Saqib informed Mateen that his mother ism insisting to talk with me about I am not ready yet so try to discuss all this matter by you. Here Meher can,t stop herself for thinking about Saqib. But Tamana reached to Saqib’s house  and start abusing him with cheap wordings which Meher can’s tolerate and start insulting her.

And Mateen at once reached to Meher’s house just to stop her mother but he was late and the situation becomes out of control when Meher consecutively defend her husband and refused to accept Mateen in her future life which is really an unexpected behavior especially from the side of Meher….. And especially when she felt sorry for her past rudeness. Hmm I must say that story is interesting as it is unique from other stories…

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