Some of Hollywood Celebs Make Went Horribly Wrong

| January 25, 2016

Makeup is women’s biggest weapon. With a stroke of a brush, cosmetics can easily create illusions like elongate nose, make the eyes bigger, the skin smoother, and the face younger. Celebrities have a team of makeup artists and stylists to make them look good, despite that makeup blunders are still unavoidable.

1Worst Makeup Worn By Hollywood Celebrities (4)

Did Eva Longoria Use Flour or Something under her eyes, it’s too white and prominently showing makeup blunder. A bad makeup job can really tear the whole thing apart.

2Worst Makeup Worn By Hollywood Celebrities (1)

Worst Makeup Worn By Hollywood Celebrities (7)

Even the most beautiful woman in the world can fall into some makeup disaster, as well. She once arrived at a movie premiere with white splotches on her face, like she’s been slapped with a bag of flour. It wasn’t a very pretty sight.

3Worst Makeup Worn By Hollywood Celebrities (5)

Here is another one, despite being celebrated as Maxim’s Hottest Woman, miley cyrus sported a big makeup fail in the event. She had a layer of powder around her chin that was pretty visible to everyone

4Worst Makeup Worn By Hollywood Celebrities (9)

Melissa Joan Hart spotted on red carpet seemingly unaware that her make-up artist had been more than a little heavy-handed with the translucent powder, leaving her with a huge white smear across her forehead and chalky remnants around her eyes and nostrils.
5Worst Makeup Worn By Hollywood Celebrities (8)

It’s time Nicole Kidman found a new make-up artist. She sported white powder on her nose and under her eyes.

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