Sonam Kapoor in Stylish Sarees Collection

| September 29, 2016

Bollywood style icon Sonam kapoor is more popular for her dressing sense than her acting. Although she has started her career with acting but after stepping into the world of fashion soon she became saree style icon for her majestic way to carry sarees in different styles. Saree is very old Indian fashion related to their tradition but with the passage of time there has been a great revolution in this mode. Sonam kapoor has made her name for keeping this trend going on. But even she has brought new innovation and versatility in the style of draping a saree. She herself looks magnificent and gorgeous in any event where she came dressed in a saree. When Sonam kapoor came in front of people wearing a saree she cast a spell on others and take all eyes on her.

Every time Sonam kapoor is found very much experimented not only with various styles of sarees but also with different colors. Sonam kapoor in sheer pastel saree with dhoti style drab is looking stunningly hot and outstanding. At one occasion she wore saree in cape style then in another occasion she can be seen in high neck and short jacket type blouse. Tea pink color of saree is just enhancing the charm of beautiful lady. The accessories she wore with her sarees are also well-selected.

Draped in a net saree Sonam looks exceptionally hot and glamorous. She does not wear heavy jewels but her ornaments always complement her dresses. She wore one sided shoulder blouse, off-shoulder blouse, half jacket type blouse and in every style she looks heavenly beautiful. Her beautiful smile on face shows her self-confidence and self-reliance. Most of the time we see her in conventional sarees based upon Indian tradition and culture.

Whether it is a one colored saree or there is a combination of two colors Sonam kapoor shows her majestic beauty in every color. In a silk saree combined with two colors white and orange she is looking lovely and pretty. If we look at her hairstyles they always go with her dresses.

Now in this picture Sonam is looking dazzling in orange silk saree with white sleeveless blouse. White colored boarder is enhancing the grace of the whole attire. Silver colored necklace and earrings are well matched ornaments. And then curly hairs laying side of shoulders give her the impression of a brain-with -beauty woman. With all these selection of choices Sonam is showing her art of dressing. No doubt she is a fashion diva. She has promoted the trend of saree and has also given it another dimension. Whoever going to wear saree can have best ideas for carrying saree in good manner by looking at Sonam kapoor pictures.

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