Story and Cast of Bollywood Movie Haider

| October 20, 2014

Haider Indian movie, prologue:

Haider is latest release of Indian cinema which is released at 2 October 2014.  This is directed and produced by Vishal Bhardwaj and written by Basharat Peer. Basically this movie is picturized in Kashmir which one of prior selection of Indian filmmakers. The most inspiring thing about this film is that, this movie is based upon Shakespeare’ Hamlet. In is third time when we are going to check Vishal’s interest in Shakespearian writings. After Omkara which was based upon “Othello” and Maqbool which was based upon “Macbeth” we are going to watch Hiader which is based upon “Hamlet”. This movie seems great tribute to Shakespeare penned literature which is still applicable at human nature.

Cast of Haider:

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This movie is also inspiring due to its awesome cast. We are going to see Shahid in totally change getup and in a new role. Shahid Kapoor is performing role of Haider (leading role) in front of Shraddha Kapoor. Tabu is performing role of Haider’s mother and Kay Kay Menon as Haider’s step father or parental uncle. Irrfan Khan has special appearance as Roohdaar. In other characters, there is Narendra Jha, Lalit P arimoo and Kulbhushan  Kharbanda whose are also have special role in development of story.

Main story of Hider:

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As we know that story is based upon Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the plot of this story revolves around Haider who is performing role of king Hamlet. Haider wants to take revenge from his uncle due to his betrayal and for death of his father. But despite his strong intention he could not do so. Irrfan Khan tells him about his father’s massage and about his death that how his uncle betrayed his father.

Haider wads mentally disturbed and emotionally scattered. Irrfan also gave him a gun to shoot his uncle. But despite finding a chance Haider could not kill his uncle. Later Irrfan Khan sends him Pakistan for training. Haider finds himself in inner conflict because he was not sure that who is murderer of his father. In fire of revenge Hiader loses his love Shraddah who is performing role of Arshia and commits suicide because of her father’s death. Haider kills her father. Haider also loses his mother Tabu in gunfight ensues between Haider and his step father.

Tabu comes to stop Haider at this place and requests him to surrender. She says that “revenge only result in revenge” but Haider does not pay attention towards her mother’s words and she pulls the pin of hand grenade of suicide vest and dies. Haider madly runs towards his step father and tries to kill him. His father requests him to kill him and release himm from guilt and avenge his father’s death but her mother’s words that “revenge only result in revenge” echoes   in his ears and he doesn’t kill him and leaves.

Scenes from compact movie Hiader:

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Here we are sharing some interesting scenes which we took from this movie. Have an admiring glance of these scenes and imagine the curiosity of watching this movie. Watch this awesome movie which is greatly appreciating and awesome production of Vishal Bhardwaj.

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